Top 10 CARTOONS That Continue to Amaze Me!

Ever since my childhood I have been exposed to various cartoon shows on various channels which have helped me to look at the wonders of life in an innocent way and which have heightened my curiosity. There are even some that have provided me with an endless marathon of laughter while some have featured betrayals among characters or which use their wit to put the villains behind bars. Others have given me a glance at how friendship can make one person stronger and how family entertainment is the best form of entertainment. Below is my list of the most engaging cartoon shows that have left me awestruck:
The one show where my favorite character Batman teams up with other superheroes of DC comics, provides me with the world class villains like Lex Luthor, Savage and the Joker who threaten to create chaos in the earth. But with the watchtower monitoring the heinous acts from the space and that was funded by Bruce Waynemonitoring the situation and the vigilant heroes combining their superhero talents, there’s nothing fascinating than to see them team up in real world class story lines.
It is a one-of-a-kind show that has the recipe of friendship, action, teamwork, breathtaking battles and humor complementing everything to define a classic cartoon. One can also learn a whole lot of things that is common in the human world and that sometimes truly touches deeply one’s heart. Honestly, this show taught me a whole lot of new things which I am pledging to implement in my life. To know just what I did learn, I advise you to watch the show.
Ever dreamed of killing all the bad people in this earth just by writing their names in a Death Note? That is just what happens in this show! But it is the battle of wit between the central protagonist and the savior that truly grasps the viewers’ attention. The intriguing story lines makes it a hell of a show to watch.
#4 BATMAN: The Animated Series:
Even though he doesn’t have a Kryptonian power like Superman or the ring possessed by Green Lantern, it’s Bruce Wayne’s clever tactics to fight criminals like Penguin and the Joker that makes the cartoon a show not to be missed. Also, his habit of protecting everyone close to him and his desperate nature to make Gotham City free of heinous crimes enthralls me.
It is a show where a child must battle to prevent the overpowered Fire kingdom from annexing other kingdoms. Packed with trusted friendship and the battles to overcome in order to become prepared  for the big war, the show promises not to disappoint any of your expectations.
#6 TRANSFORMERS: Animated:
Although the movie has seen a widespread praise, it is the animated version that I mostly like. The battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron with humans helping to protect the earth from Decepticons (led by Megatron) makes this serial a worthwhile watch. It brings me back memories when I was fascinated with the complexity of robots turning themselves into beastlike machines.
  The one show to give a marathon of laughter is obviously, the Simpsons.  Set on Springfield, the show’s main character, Homer Simpson, together with his family combine to provide the viewers an outlook on life like never before. They intend to do so by bringing out everyday incidents of life and presenting it in a lively fashion. It makes me laugh continuously throughout the show although there were a few episodes that did not make this far.
One of the best shows in my childhood, Scooby Doo is packed with five friends who solve mysteries are related to ghosts. With the Scooby snacks always ready to fire up Scooby Doo, it is the silly acts by SB and Shaggy that light the defects of stupid humans who dress up like ghosts to fulfill their selfish desires. I acknowledge this show for getting me glued to ‘mystery novels’ ever since and for reminding me to enjoy every bit of my life just like my childhood days.
Another family drama where the central characters are all weirdos puts the cartoon maniacs in a sheer delight and promises to let their whole dedication into this show a worth. Similar to the Simpsons, the Addams Family lets viewers forget the bitter thoughts that have troubled their minds by introducing humor throughout the show.

Where would you find your best cartoon characters in one show? Nowhere but here. The characters are divided into various teams and the race is on to which team will win the viewers’ hearts. Packed with ridiculous tricks and rules that are beyond the scope of the race, the characters surely give us a glimpse as to what more we can uncover when we see characters of opposite traits competing for a coveted prize!


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