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If you are one of those Hindi soap opera addicts, well, you have come to the right place. But, if you are not, then the setting is very perfect. First of all, there are no issues to be discussed about the countless popular serials whose titles started with the letter K. It is believed that the director/producer Ekta Kapoor checked out some weirdo who suggested to start her project with initial letter K to ensure that Star Plus continuously received a huge viewers and to experience a skyrocketing profit. Back to my business, the challenge for these addicts is how they find themselves nagging about what other evil people have done to them or on the verge of doing so (which is the setting for most Hindi serials). 
Few years back ( I think a decade has passed!), I first joined this clandestine group as an innocent child who knew nothing about Gharwali Baharwali. All I ever did in front of the idiot box was to watch some computer graphics animating humans and hear  voices of animals who were fluent at human language (did somebody spell black magic on them so that humans could understand them better instead of just taming them??). Anyways, it soon established as a habit to watch alongside my mother (my source of inspiration, I suppose?) and learn the relation between daughter-in-law and the mother of her husband. 
Probably the most longest running serial in India
The only way that these serials ever became so catchy was when they came up with new strategies that promised to put their relations in an off-balance. Sooner or later, the plan fails and the rest of the family members come into action. They imagine all kind of cunning plots and finally settle on some reliable plots to put the blame on the daughter-in-law. The viewers are left to feel pity on the victim because it was sasu who tricked the other members so that her plan falls into perfect place. Then the story becomes lively. On the contrary, for viewers like me, we question if what they depict is the real scenario among all families. Sadly,  this is where the real problem starts.
My take on this case has been reflected by the Indian movie Golmaal 2 where the lead hero blames his wife for supecting his.every single moves. In the end, the wife pledges not to ever watch those serials again but her commitment turns ephemeral as the suspense where the serial left last night lures her into continuing with her daily dose. Anyways, it seems that a serial addict can go as far to suspecting every action of the person willing to sit alongside him in the bar, or a person who went to watch the latest movie with his friend, who in fact, is from the opposite sex. 
Many may argue with my point, but a psychological research into these patterns may help to reveal a harmful scenario. Can it be wise to infer the bad impacts inflicting upon the viewers who have developed a pessimistic view about the existing family relationship? For me, I have not experienced a family whose life resembles close to the one in any of the popular serials. Hence, on my part, I can assure that it indeed has a negative impact on the way we slowly have begun to analyze family relationships. Sometimes, I am even left to question these plots as they don’t seem genuine enough to occur in real life whatever troubles a family may be facing. 
I guess, for these reasons, I was adamant to watch English serials as they provided different stories with no saas, bahun aur saajis stuff. They were very genuine and even drove adrenaline into the bloodstream forcing us to be creative about the unpredictable plots. I began to get immersed in them and this new world compelled me to abandon the Indian serials (although I miss the idiosyncrasies that the villains deliver and the unique background sound that plays when they come up with sinister plans). Still, sometimes, I sneak at the contemporary serials in hope of witnessing some new developments. Honestly, they still portray the downfall-of-the-family incidents and one can only wish that its viewers do not fall prey to the unrealistic plots and instead they can be rational with their decisions. Until then, avoid these top 10 addictive serials that I have compiled and whose plots still remain fresh in my memory.
#3) PABITRA RISTA (It still airs! Check out your local listings for more details.)
#5) BALLIKA BADHU (This one airs as well!)


Anyone who has been following tennis is already familiar with the subject that I am going to discuss. Or I would rather revere with the term legend than using subject because to describe someone who is  a one in a lifetime, it would be very rude and strictly out of manners. For someone who is new to the world of tennis, all you might be wondering about is where is this new religion worshiped of which you have never even heard of? It is simple: anyone who is passionate about tennis respects this religion. It is the case of admiring finesse and class, and expecting some majestic style of tennis display in every single second spent in what may take over an hour to a whopping five hours or even more depending on the performance that is delivered. 
Ever since his professional debut in 1998, there has never been the case of turning back and regretting over his decision to enter into the tennis world for Swiss maestro Roger Federer. Federer made his mark in the tennis world with an impressive win over 14 times grand slam winner Pete Sampras and another american Andre Agassi who were considered the best in the game during Federer’s early tennis career. It was no surprise that the tennis pundits soon talked about this youngster in the days to come and even compare him to the likes of Pete Sampras, Roy Emerson and Bjorn Borg. With a superb display of class and defining the game with his own style of play, Federer soon began to rule over tennis and quickly established himself as the world number one. 
All those glorious 17 Grand Slam Titles
Federer’s god like style of play and his beautiful backhand with a mix of fine volley and deceiving fake shots pushed NY Times author David Foster Wallace to pen his next feature tennis article as FEDERER AS A RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE in August 20, 2006 and it has even been updated at a later date. In it, Wallace captures the essentials that perfect Federer’s world class tennis display. Once a person reads it, he is compelled to experience what Wallace delineated of Federer when he watches one of his games. 
Federer has redefined the era of tennis by breaking as many records as he can on the way. Among these, many consider his record 17 grand slam titles to be the most defining one. By doing so, he surpassed the record held by Pete Sampras. Other notable records include his seven Wimbledon titles and his stay as a world number one for record 237 consecutive weeks. On his way to a glittering tennis career, he has played many great matches against notable opponents like Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Juan Martin Del Potro. But for me, the 2009 Australian Open 4th round match against Czech Tomas Berdych hails as one of my best matches. 
The five set thriller continuously provided a breathtaking action with either player very close to winning the game. Among others, the 2007 Wimbledon final against Rafael Nadal and 2009 Wimbledon final against Andy Roddick have been my favorites. In the latter game, the match was forced to a fifth set thriller and with strong display of tennis from Federer, Roddick was outclassed securing a pulsating win for the Swiss giant.
On course to worshiping this religion, it was necessary to watch the full match sometimes without any accelerating heartbeat (as I was very sure about the result) and sometimes with the game taking my breath away. It was a joyful experience sitting in front of TV late night and busy biting my fingernails only wishing a win for Federer. There were even times when listening to the live game via BBC World Service was the only alternative to the bad cable service or the frequent blackouts common in our country. Nevertheless, there was always some way to get information about Federer’s quest for a major title.
It is  necessary to understand the spirituality that his game puts into the audience. Once you begin to watch his game, the definition of class itself sprouts out. The level of passion and an adrenaline rush about the end result compels to search for answers about the intricacy of the game play and notice the subtlety in the shots that he directs and those of his opponents.

Federer’s wife and his twin daughters cheer on in his 2012 Wimbledon match
Even from Federer’s game, it is very easy to conclude his personal life. The joy at sharing the wins with his wife, Mirka Federer and his twin daughters, Myla and Charlene, at the Wimbledon 2012 was viewed by many Federer fans as his commitment to the family. In an interview in ‘Talk-Asia with Monita Rajpal’ in CNN, he does not hesitate to reveal the mental images of his family coming up during the matches and admits that it is very difficult to reprise his role as a father, a husband and a celebrated player. He is even respected by his adversaries which is justified at a charity called ‘Hit for Haiti’ during the Australian Open.
As Federer ages, there is no doubt that there will be tough competitions from the younger generation of players and it will be more tough in winning major titles which is what is happening right now. But even as he ages, the memories of his every games will be fresh in my memories and his stories of superb display will always find a place in the coming generations of tennis addicts. We just have to make sure that his religion continues and leaves a legacy for the future tennis stars to follow. Until then, RF rocks!! 


13 November 2004: The most memorable day in my entire Arsenal career. The reason: my best derby showdown against our rival Spurs. In the premier league history, this fixture has produced the most number of goals and has provided its viewers with a display of finesse, roughness and most importantly  breathtaking goals.
For me, the away derby match of 2004 has a special place in my heart. Like every amateur fan, the game took me to another level into understanding my team better. I finally understood what a rivalry truly signified. It was Martin Jol’s first match as Spurs manager and my third derby delight.
A Fierce Rivalry
I vividly remember watching the game with my brothers at my uncle’s home and the delight of enjoying the match to the fullest was truly thrilling. My elder brother kept on commenting on Arsenal display and we listened to every fact that he explained. In my society, our big festival was near but we took our time to respect our parents’ orders for a later time for no Gunner would abandon his team’s display for the sake of lending a help to his parents (no offense but it is an established fact).
The game progressed in an admiring fashion and it was interesting to witness the legendary Thierry Henry leveling the score just before half time with an emphatic finish after Noureddine Naybet put Spurs ahead. As the game developed, the possibility of a low-scoring game was never given a second thought. Spurs netted in as well. Not to worry, Arsenal replied back with a quality goal. The pattern continued until finally, the game ended 5-4 with the Gunners seizing up all three points. Only later did I notice that all the nine goals were scored by nine different players. It startled me. I weighted the possibility of a player (out of a maximum 28 that could play in the field) not getting a brace from a total of nine goals scored throughout the match and the result turned out to be astounding. By any means, it was a very rare scenario. Usually, we expect the forward to at least score a brace, if not for the others. And yes, the rare history would have just been a normal history had my best player, Thierry Henry, not scored before the first half . Never mind, the game promised to deliver the best and gave me enough reasons to cherish the quality of Gunners and as many reasons to detest Spurs. 
The point is that this fierce rivalry revealed a lot about Arsenal whom I was very naive. The insight into what caused this rivalry and the fierce chants flowing around the stadium gave a glimpse to what I could expect in the next derby fixtures. 
Over the years, I have followed numerous Gunners vs Spurs fixtures but, never have I been so satisfied than the 2004 away derby cracker. 
The 2004 away game proved to be a worthwhile experience. I recognized the faces of the goalscorers and the interest into understanding my supported team grew even wider and deeper. It is only a matter of time before a revival of the beautiful game is possible. That revival can be excavated only by digging deep into my subconscious. Until then, the joy lies in cherishing every moments of the 5-4 Arsenal win. Thank you Arsenal!


It is a common practice among writers to go through the topic of their choice and realize the topic that is very promising does not yield much to lure readers into their writing world. There are even times when it becomes so annoying for them that all they can think of is quitting the damn writing job. They realize how insane it is to go through a list of promising topics and end up focusing on mundane quotidian acts. Sometimes, it frustrates to think how the handsome professional writers can overcome this problem. Maybe we can learn something about their heroic triumph over the devil Writing (that’s what I call this villain who voraciously eats all my reservoir of passion for writing)?
If you, too, are in such a frustrating position, then let me help. Well, that is what I love to brag about. The reason is plain and simple. I too fall into this hell and like all of you, I too search for answers to defeat this writing Yamraj, but in vain. However hard I try, the very prospect of reaching out to my readers and convincing them of my intention in luring them into my ideas turns astray.

In our wildest dreams, the subtle chance of overcoming the parasite shrinks to nil. It even makes sense to convince ourselves to permanently shut down the writing business. That is the most logical solution. No need to worry about letting our readers experience the behind the scenes about the trouble of picking up a catchy title and elaborating on the abstract matter. No worries to explain the difficulty that we had to go through and give them time for a commentary on the roles that these valued words played in reaching to these desperate and innocuous readers. 
It is convincing then to remember that the only place we can thank the readers is at the end of our glittering posts (does this really justify the state we are in??)  because had we not thought about them, life would be too hard for us to penetrate their minds and deliver what they truly seek? Or is this approach the root of all evils that have been cast upon promising writers? 
Whatever the perspective and however we try to define the problem, the problem itself is the answer. The perseverance to move on with what others expect from us pushes us to undefined heights of success. It is necessary to devote ourselves to the readers. If we fail at this, the question of continuing our legacy as an established writer will falter. It demonstrates our understanding of the purpose of writing. We write to share experiences that may be encountered by some strangers and hope that it acts to ease their pains or provide them comfort in cherishing the similarities that they encounter. Hence it is not a question to write or not to write, but a path leading to the answer that we seek…

The Bystander Effect

In his famous book Blink, Malcolm Gladwell adroitly discusses one of the common yet sorry state of humans.  It is called the bystander effect. In simple terms, it is a state in which we naturally assume that since there is another person at the place of incident, it is not necessary for us to get involved in it but sadly, the other person is pondering over the same idea and the effect becomes an epidemic. That is when things become serious and even turn out to be fatal in some cases. 
As for example, imagine a scenario where you notice a group of thugs ruthlessly beating a lad in the villa. According to the bystander effect, the first thought that comes across your mind is your reluctant attitude to actively involve in freeing the lad from the thugs thanks to the conviction you have set within yourself. Your mind immediately refrains you from involving in the act as it tries to protect you from danger by triggering your senses to assume that the nearby neighbors must also have heard the lad’s scream and hence help must have already arrived. But alas, little does your brain know that it has been deceived by its analysis and will later regret to not have saved the lad’s life.
A notorious example (image used from

Upon deep inspection, it was very inhumane for us to rely on our senses. How can we not have rushed into the situation without going through any thoughts and  saved the lad from the beating by gathering some help? We could have done so! We had the potential to do so, didn’t we?  But why didn’t we? I hate to admit but such cases were a part of some societies and god knows if it still does. Then the big question remains: How do we minimize the trance that the bystander effect sets upon us? 
This might not be a genuine solution but it is a possibility to take into consideration if we assume the scenario to be taking place among a very small group of people or if there was a third person who just happened to be near the incident. But can only one person save the lad from those thugs? You may be surprised to know this but it at least increases the chances of survival as compared to the previous scenario. When researchers went through all such incidents taking every minute details into account, they noticed a startling fact. Among such incidents, the victim was able to save himself with a few extra help only when there were a few people around to know about it and disappointingly, not the other way around. With a small group, there are less chances of pointing fingers at each other and immediate action is imminent. If so, how is it possible to let such a scenario take shape since it is always not a case to witness? How can we restrict ourselves to allow us getting involved at such scenario and decrease the frequency of audiences for the sake of saving a stranger? It is not possible. Then can we just let the bystander effect to take a grip into the situation at the expense of a stranger’s valuable life? I presume that answers to these questions are unsolvable. 
Our only chance of overcoming the situation will be to act immediately. Once we start to show those thugs what we are capable of, only then we should be expecting some help from the passive audience. But it comes at a price. What if by allowing ourselves to save the innocent lad, we end up being a victim and the passive audience still be a part of the deceiving trance? What will we do then?
I guess it too does not yield an answer. It seems that getting prepared for such cruel scenarios is the only option at our disposal.


The bond that cherishes my life
The first time I was really into football was back in 2002 when I supported Brazil in the coveted FIFA World Cup. Eventually, my supported team out-powered Germany 2-0 to clinch the prize for the record fifth time. The victory brought delight to the Brazilians, but for me, it delivered a package that was soon to be complemented by another soul. A soul that will remain a part of me and that will embark on my journey like a shadow unable to betray its source of existence. The journey we made began in 2003 when my fanatic football fan, my brother, shared his utopia experiences of being a part of a century old tradition and a tie that we were destined to live with numerous obligations.
My brother had already been supporting Arsenal since the last three years or so. When he arrived back home from his Alma mater,he was naturally glued to the television set and watched the highlights that he had missed from Arsenal’s weekend fixture. He did this at the expense of my cartoon watching time. I admit that it was agitating but I had no choice than to start watching alongside him. After a few days, the adept playing style of the Gunners captivated my mind to the extent that I deliberately left out some of my favorite cartoons into a distant memory. I started to listen to my brother who elaborated the details on  why my decision to support Arsenal was the right one and why it mattered for the rest of my life. As every Gunner knows that the season of 2003-2004 was the golden era in Arsenal’s footballing history, there was not much to explain to me by my brother. Undoubtedly, the natural tendency to support a club that was on the brink of making a history tempted me to follow all the football actions of Arsenal and make a commitment to never miss its majestic performances for the rest of my life. If, by any sheer means, I were to miss the big match, I promised to catch a glimpse on the highlight shows and on other football talk shows. I thank my brother time and again for making me a big fan of Arsenal for the joy that it has brought in my life cannot be described in words. At that period, although I was not into remembering the names of the Playing XI and their jersey numbers, all the beautiful football that they played and the rampant goal scoring matches that they delivered to the fans left me speechless and often I did nothing but to revere their jaw dropping moments. 
The other thing that my brother taught me was to be mad about the two time FIFA Player of The Year runner up and Arsenal’s legend Thierry Daniel Henry. Henry has been with me ever since. I have followed him in every performances and he has lived up to my expectations. He is a role model for me. Since his move to Arsenal, he has captured the elegance of the English football and even helped to redefine the ways that game provides its audiences with absolute cracker football episodes. The man has been an integral part of the golden era and has surpassed numerous records to add to his name. He topped the chart with the most number of Arsenal goals and his partnership with Dennis Bergkamp has been named as the most lethal pair in EPL history. It won’t be a necessity to explain other traits that have wowed me and that have heavily influenced me. Henry continued to deliver historic goals and skills and my admiration for him grew even stronger. After the departure of Patrick Viera, Henry was appointed as the captain and he  proved that the added responsibility was worth the decision as he guided his team to the first ever UEFA Champions League final. Sadly, Barcelona thumped Arsenal 2-1 to embrace the title. But the defeat was not to be disappointed about as Arsenal broke the record of not conceding a goal for the maximum consecutive minutes in UEFA Champions League. The final still remains engraved in my memory and I hope that revenge will be taken for the disappointment.
Sadly in 2007, Henry departed for Barcelona but his finesse continued to inspire the next generation of Gunners. Arsenal continued to provide its fans with scintillating displays of football and the talking point for football analysts became its world class style of passing the ball and a class of footballing display. For me, Arsenal was respecting the footballing quality of its predecessors. The games improved and it was natural for us (the fans) to think that our trophy drought was soon going to be a history. 
During this transition, I continued to believe in Arsenal. I could see light at the end of the horizon. After all, I was not going to betray my companion whom I had more trust than any of my peers. I was inclined to the Gunners’ adage Once a Gunner, Always a Gunner. For me, blood composites of another substance unknown to the scientists :Arsenal.
The bond between Arsenal and me will never end. Since my childhood, I was fanatic about collecting newspaper articles in which Arsenal made its mark. And now that facebook is ubiquitous, the bond has been even stronger. Most of the pages that I have liked have something to do with Arsenal.Every news is just a fingertip away in my Arseblog app in my phone. In fact, the one website that I have never forgotten to visit whenever I surf the internet is Arsenal’s official website. I just can’t forget to know its developments. Sometimes, I wonder if the very last thing I would do in this life will be related to Arsenal. 
My passion to the football club is so deep-rooted that I was left in tears when my brother surprised me by sending a certified certificate with our names being engraved in the famous North Bank Terrace near Arsenal’ s Emirates Stadium. It was a sight to cherish for the rest of my life. From here, I sometimes come to believe that I have been watching the games through my own eyes. With this formidable passion, I did what my brother did to me to my younger brothers. I passed down the prophecy of our family: The destiny of being an Arsenal fan. Hopefully, I will make other close football viewers to support Arsenal as well.
The joy of being an Arsenal fan is truly great and an important event to talk about for the rest of my life. I believe it is a bond parallel to the bond between brothers and a bond that does not know the meaning of divorce.


Lessons From A Fictional Character

Homo sapiens in this world try their best to perfect their skills. They do this to get noticed of their abilities and be appreciated in whatever way possible. But, the alarming concerns are the ways they pushed the reasons for their perfection. How far did they go to achieve what they had dreamt at first? What compelled them to break the limits set by ordinary humans? Although I may not be able to cover all truths about these questions, you may be surprised to discover bitter truths on why some people don’t care, in the process of attaining perfection, even if the general people question their insane but worthwhile methods. One of these extraordinary is a fictional character whom I owe a huge appreciation.
The timeline reaches the period of my soap opera addiction with Naruto.  In the episodes leading to the organization of semiannual Chhunin exam and the meeting between Naruto and Rock Lee, nothing seems more captivating than the way of Rock Lee’s Ninja Way. But the inspiration character is not Rock Lee although he is very near to him. It is his teacher Might Guy,who calls himself Konoha’s Mightiest (he believes in fueling with optimism in his overhyped YOUTH-full career) , that greatly influenced on how I should force going beyond the walls to introspect better. As the story unfolded to reveal the childhood of Guy Sensei and his journey so far, it kept me questioning my definition of hard work. His teachings to his disciple left me awestricken at his underlying principles of training. Guy Sensei compels his body to work beyond the ordinary. It is insane to admit that he acquires this by punishing himself with rigorous exercises or challenging his fierce rival Hatake Kakashi if he cannot accomplish what he aspired for.
For example, in one of the episodes, Guy challenges Kakashi for another round in their ‘Who’s The Fiercest Rival Competition’ (it has been going on since their childhood). Hesitant at first, Kakashi amuses Guy by opting for ‘rock paper scissor’ game. As expected, Guy is beaten. Guy, who promised to take 500 laps around Konoha ( the home of these characters) on handstand if he was beaten, lives up to his words. That scene was truly inspiring. Furthermore, if Guy touches the ground with his feet before the laps are done, he punishes himself by carrying out 2000 pushups without any hesitation and so on until the punishments are completed. It is amazing to watch what ingredients are crucial to his diligent attitude.
Guy knows the aloofness of the villagers when he would take laps around Knonoha. But he is the kind of man who detests pessimism and endures any obstacles, however futile they may seem, to move a step closer in mastering perfection. I believe that it is an attitude that most of us have forgotten. Although we know that it is necessary to work hard, we never bother to give it our best shot. We hesitate to learn the lesson from Guy for the outcome leaves us fatigued. We fail to fathom the deep influence it would have on our performance and only regret later to have followed the ‘Guy Sensei’s Way’. If we retrospect our actions, it is understandable that most of us do not reignite our passion of forcing ourselves to go beyond those restricted walls once we are lured by the satisfaction that brought us from all the efforts we thought were enough. Sadly, we were reluctant to push a little bit more.
The other lesson that propels me is his tenacity to stay youthful. Letting us to be possessed by the youthful spirits, he believes, allows us to challenge profound questions of our daily actions with ease. Thanks to its indefatigable nature, the zeal in accomplishing a burdensome task outclasses the stretches of tedium that we thought were part of the assigned task. Youth is a season of energy, optimism, maturity and a chance to showcase the purpose of our existence. There is no reason to question about youth being the best part of our life.

It is crazy to fall prey to the actions of a cartoon character but the realities that we all should perceive in common and must comprehend to push ourselves beyond our capacity. Guy Sensei’s path is the enlightenment to our search for perfection. It is the only reasonable attitude to rely upon for the stakes will be high if we let ourselves to be deceived by our understanding of hard work which is not perpetual to achieve what we desired the most.  


These days, I am busy participating in a day long marathon that takes place in another dimension. A dimension where I find myself comfortably enjoying the innocence of my childhood. Sometimes I feel nostalgic reminiscing the time when I told countless lies to my parents just for the sake of preventing them from knowing that with the help of few of my friends, I had been making an appearance in another planet. Unknown to them is the fact that these friends were imaginary and existed only deep within the realms of my imagination. Hardly could my parents come into contact with my peers for they belonged to the group who despised my friends easily and did everything necessary to uproot the cumulative effect in our conscience.
The marathon has been taking place since the early days of my childhood when I would rush back from the school to find myself a seat on the sofa, switch on the TV and get hooked on the show that I had been following recently. Even on breaks, there were no chances that I could fall prey to the tranquil request of my parents to switch to the channel of their choice. Breaks were paths for me to get informed on the battles taking place elsewhere in the universe. These were the best days of my life. There is no possible way to imagine just how open my mind was to perceive everything that appeared on the screen and how just easily the mind was deceived to imply the scenarios presented into my reality. For me, these channels invented thousand ways to go over an annoying but crucial decision to come up with a concrete one just like Edison was compelled to find a way to light the incandescent bulb. By now, you must have realized the enduring marathon which persistently haunts the darkness within us and teleports the menace to another dimension.
Indeed, cartoons have implanted deep roots in my subconscious that even in my dream, I cherish at the unlikable scenarios of being rescued by Green Lantern’s ring and later get ended up dining with the Justice League members at their Watchtower. At that particular instant, I cannot help but wish to possess the eyes of Uchiha Itachi and use Mangekyo Sharinghan to last the meeting with my childhood hero Bruce Wayne forever. After all, what cartoon maniac does not want his favorite characters to take him on their mission? What maniac would not be reluctant to request Vindel Savage to send him back to the time when he was narrowly beaten by The Flinstones’s team in Scooby’s Laff-a-lympics.
This instant, as I watch Justice League with no interruption (finishing as many as one season in just two days) , I form an image of myself being a civilian in Gotham City. There I create situation where Ace has penetrated the minds of Gothams luring them into a deceived reality. Luckily, with the transmitter that Batman had given me on our previous meeting, it allows me to relay the danger engulfing the city to the watchtower. In a matter of seconds, there is no doubt that Flash would appear only to be followed later by the invincible Justice League. The next day, I can picture myself revered in the front page of The Daily Planet with the title ‘Batman and Manasbi: The Heroic Connection That Saved the World!
I will not be bothered to allow myself into the chances of letting away enjoying the glorious encounters with my cartoon characters. The adrenaline rush that I had experienced every time the Mystery Machine reached the climax of their mystery while on their sojourn in Transylvania or the tears that I had shed when Samurai Jack was exiled into another dimension created by the villain Aku leaving him homeless would not be justified if I were to live by the agony of not assisting them in whatever way possible. All these actions have shaped into what I am today. My only wish is to watch the next generations enjoy with the same passion as I had back in my childhood days and make them spin stories or come up with silly plots that Ash Ketchum would run into after Team Rocket successfully kidnapped Pikachu.
However, the wish is likely to come into shape. My brothers and sisters do not seem to enjoy the kind of cartoons I had enjoyed because the contemporary ones do not have intriguing storylines and are instead just based on realistic situations that corrupt their passion for cartoons. It tortures my inner conscience when I am falsely led to undermine the hindrances to my brothers’ love for calling out their heroes when in danger and the paucity of acquiring significant moral lessons that can be implemented in their lives.
May the cartoon channels realize this message and my convictions find their worthiness in this dimension!


Top 10 CARTOONS That Continue to Amaze Me!

Ever since my childhood I have been exposed to various cartoon shows on various channels which have helped me to look at the wonders of life in an innocent way and which have heightened my curiosity. There are even some that have provided me with an endless marathon of laughter while some have featured betrayals among characters or which use their wit to put the villains behind bars. Others have given me a glance at how friendship can make one person stronger and how family entertainment is the best form of entertainment. Below is my list of the most engaging cartoon shows that have left me awestruck:
The one show where my favorite character Batman teams up with other superheroes of DC comics, provides me with the world class villains like Lex Luthor, Savage and the Joker who threaten to create chaos in the earth. But with the watchtower monitoring the heinous acts from the space and that was funded by Bruce Waynemonitoring the situation and the vigilant heroes combining their superhero talents, there’s nothing fascinating than to see them team up in real world class story lines.
It is a one-of-a-kind show that has the recipe of friendship, action, teamwork, breathtaking battles and humor complementing everything to define a classic cartoon. One can also learn a whole lot of things that is common in the human world and that sometimes truly touches deeply one’s heart. Honestly, this show taught me a whole lot of new things which I am pledging to implement in my life. To know just what I did learn, I advise you to watch the show.
Ever dreamed of killing all the bad people in this earth just by writing their names in a Death Note? That is just what happens in this show! But it is the battle of wit between the central protagonist and the savior that truly grasps the viewers’ attention. The intriguing story lines makes it a hell of a show to watch.
#4 BATMAN: The Animated Series:
Even though he doesn’t have a Kryptonian power like Superman or the ring possessed by Green Lantern, it’s Bruce Wayne’s clever tactics to fight criminals like Penguin and the Joker that makes the cartoon a show not to be missed. Also, his habit of protecting everyone close to him and his desperate nature to make Gotham City free of heinous crimes enthralls me.
It is a show where a child must battle to prevent the overpowered Fire kingdom from annexing other kingdoms. Packed with trusted friendship and the battles to overcome in order to become prepared  for the big war, the show promises not to disappoint any of your expectations.
#6 TRANSFORMERS: Animated:
Although the movie has seen a widespread praise, it is the animated version that I mostly like. The battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron with humans helping to protect the earth from Decepticons (led by Megatron) makes this serial a worthwhile watch. It brings me back memories when I was fascinated with the complexity of robots turning themselves into beastlike machines.
  The one show to give a marathon of laughter is obviously, the Simpsons.  Set on Springfield, the show’s main character, Homer Simpson, together with his family combine to provide the viewers an outlook on life like never before. They intend to do so by bringing out everyday incidents of life and presenting it in a lively fashion. It makes me laugh continuously throughout the show although there were a few episodes that did not make this far.
One of the best shows in my childhood, Scooby Doo is packed with five friends who solve mysteries are related to ghosts. With the Scooby snacks always ready to fire up Scooby Doo, it is the silly acts by SB and Shaggy that light the defects of stupid humans who dress up like ghosts to fulfill their selfish desires. I acknowledge this show for getting me glued to ‘mystery novels’ ever since and for reminding me to enjoy every bit of my life just like my childhood days.
Another family drama where the central characters are all weirdos puts the cartoon maniacs in a sheer delight and promises to let their whole dedication into this show a worth. Similar to the Simpsons, the Addams Family lets viewers forget the bitter thoughts that have troubled their minds by introducing humor throughout the show.

Where would you find your best cartoon characters in one show? Nowhere but here. The characters are divided into various teams and the race is on to which team will win the viewers’ hearts. Packed with ridiculous tricks and rules that are beyond the scope of the race, the characters surely give us a glimpse as to what more we can uncover when we see characters of opposite traits competing for a coveted prize!