Month: July 2015


I remember the time when I would come back from the school and turn to Nepali music channels to satiate my crazy love for the pop songs. There were songs from Nabin K. Bhattarai, Sugam Pokhrel and The Uglyz band that invigorated me from the day’s monotony. I would sing their songs to all my might and in the process get accustomed to the musical culture that they had helped flourish in the Nepali industry. As time passed by, I lost interest in the Nepali songs as these popular artists did not meet my expectations and neither did the new ones. The flavor that had spiked my interest in Nepali songs faded away.

It was not until my sister made me listen to The Full Circle’s Maya Mero Maya and Peace of Mind (my mobile’s ringtone since two years!) that I rediscovered the interest that I had in Nepali songs. Those eight or nine years without the Nepali songs making to my personal Top 50 and all of a sudden my sister plays Piece of Mind and bam, it narrowly beat my all time favorite Coldplay’s Life in Technicolor II. Such was the impact of Full Circle band that I searched for more of its songs on YouTube and enjoyed every one of it. I realized that there were Nepali songs that I had unheard of and I took this opportunity to search them.

Gradually, Full Circle’s songs were on a repeat mode for the whole day! Yeah, I was so crazy listening to their songs that it never occurred to me that it had literally bored my appetite. My friends in the hostel went crazy as Peace of Mind was the first choice when it came down to singing out loud in the corridors of my hostel.

(I do not have any rights to the above video. It solely rests with the administrator of the channel. No copyright infringement intended)

Just seven months back, when I accidentally heard Bipul Chhetri’s album Sketches of Darjeeling from his YouTube channel, it blew my mind away. His songs were the exact types of songs that I had longed in my life. The artist combined Himalayan music, beautiful lyrics and intertwined Nepali culture in the background score that it felt they were the most unique Nepali songs that I have ever listened to. The dexterity to perfectly let the songs go along with the Nepali culture and not copy from the westerners was the fairest thing that Bipul has done to his songs. He just makes Nepalese proud. His Mountain High and Deorali Dorah remain my personal favorites. I bet there won’t be a single Nepali music lover who will dislike his songs.

When my sister returned home on her vacation, I asked her to suggest other artists that could possibly blow my mind away. And that is when I stumbled on the Topi Band. If I were to rate the best Nepali music video of all time, it would undoubtedly be Topi’s Mitho Bihani Why? Well, just watch the video and you’ll figure out that such an idea never existed in the Nepali music industry. It’s so damn one of a kind and an out of the box concept. I sincerely request you to check their songs. Also, their music is highly influential and some parts of the songs can be compared to the western hit bands such as the Coldplay and One Republic.

I request you to hear out their songs and share the good that they have done to the music industry. If every Nepali citizen discover their songs, I am betting that they will be the foundations for a revolutionary music in the Nepali industry for the next decades or so.

I will let you decide yourselves. For me, I have to pick my phone as my ringtone Peace of Mind  has signalled!