Month: May 2010


Earth is the only living planet that has sustained for the existence of the biotic factors. However, even though it has a grave importance, the resources present to sustain lives have been misused frequently. We, the humans have modified our environment so radically that we must now modify ourselves to exist in the new environment. The resources have invited catastrophes like climate change, global warming and ozone layer depletion. These have great impacts on our daily lives and threaten our future generations.
The sun, the moon and the stars would have disappeared long ago‚Ķ had they happened to be within the reach of predatory human hands” as said by Havelock Ellis holds true to the humans. But it’s not too late to act as we have ample of time to bereave the activities that is threatening the earth. It should be remembered that we have many advantages in the fight against caring the earth, but time is not one of them.
All of these sayings don’t work until and unless we try from an individual level. To put the practical views on the real world, it’s the duty of every individual o do SOMETHING.
As a student, the sole responsibility to understand that my mother earth’s struggle to hold for existence of life is indeed my role to save her from all these awesome troubles. All the facts and data that I have since long acquired from my teachers & other sources must be brought into action which is my ultimate test. It doesn’t mean that I carry out my beholding tasks all by myself.
The people who watch over the benevolent acts must remember that their presence onto the activity has a great influence on the person who is carrying it out. For example, it would be the responsibility of my teacher to guide and support in my attempt to put the ideas in action.
The anonymous saying “Change begins with me” holds true in our lives and it mustn’t be forgotten that each individual steps create a huge difference. Starting from my personal life, I have developed a system of distinguishing a substance as reusable one before dumping it. If it can be reused, then I apply the green techniques to turn it into a useful product thus taking initiative to care the planet.
The information that comes out from a successful research is well appreciated. For example, the advantage of Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs) over the normal incandescent bulbs on its power consumption and brightness has put a soul in my heart to encourage the public on substituting the incandescent bulbs. Also, the process of segregation has put the environment to a greater benefit as the biodegradable waste is turned into compost manure. Being a student, these activities are encouraged in my locality.
A student has an extraordinary capacity to persuade the elders because he is greatly accustomed to facts and figures. As a student, I share my knowledge to the elders who quickly vow to bring them into practice. For example, telling the fact that driving fuel efficient car, bike, walking, carpool and using mass transit helps to save 9kg per gallon of gasoline, put the elders to immediately bring it into practice.
The sharing of ideas like insulating the walls and ceilings, using energy-efficient windows and refrigerators, reducing garbage by practicing 5Rs(reuse, recycle, reduce, repair and replace)principle, choosing durable products so that resources aren’t in crisis can be a small step to care the planet. Office beneficial ideas like sharing magazines and newspapers, turning the electrical appliances off when not in use can be encouraged. Suggesting these ideas put a happy face in the elder people and it’s guaranteed that they immediately practice it.
I can also take care of my planet by initiating a small step like carrying polythene bags whenever visiting a market so that the usage of plastic bags are minimized. If provided with finance, I would opt to substitute the incandescent bulbs and consider myself as a ‘green’ student. I can also take care of my planet by thinking about the ingredients of the product and its relation i.e. effect, to the environment before buying it.
As a student who knows about the impacts of combusting fossil fuels, I would discourage people combusting fossil fuels and burning plastics because they emit harmful and toxic gases into the atmosphere.
I can also encourage my friends to acting taking care of the earth by organizing different programmes and providing trainings to the local people about the small initiatives to be practiced for a better and sustainable environment.
If we wait too long before acting, we will pass a point of no return and lock ourselves into centuries of devastating planet. We could pass one of those dangerous tipping points that could make life very difficult. It’s a risk we shouldn’t take. Hence, from a student point of view, I deduce that the initiation to care the planet is only possible when all the world’s human hands join to create a massive output.