Listening to soundtracks is the first thing that I do when I want to concentrate in a work that I am currently doing. The pleasure I derive from this act is matched by none. The ambient atmosphere that I feel when listening to soundtracks helps me to focus and give my best in completing the assignment at hand.

Songs are in a completely different stage than soundtracks. They influence us to memorize the words and sing along with them. This way, we lose concentration in our work and, instead, we try our best to learn the lyrics. We all have experienced this phenomena wherein we memorize a song after listening to it for a certain number of times. There is no way of knowing that we are in control of our present situation as it seems that the song is desperate to stay in our conscience for a pretty long period of time. In other words, the lyrics are addictive and can contribute to losing concentration if we are completing our course assignments.

However, since soundtracks have no lyrics attached to them, we are not distracted. Whenever I work on my homework assignments, I have made it my habit to listen to soundtracks from YouTube or Spotify. Time seems to stop when I listen to playlists as I am glued to the rhythm of the tracks and the beautiful melodies created from a mix of musical instruments or by even using crazy mediums such as a glass of half-filled water.

Soundtracks need incredible amount of time to make them appeal to a wide audience. They literally need to pierce our hearts and change our state of mind in order to make a lasting impression. Also, since music is an industry, composers make sure that their works deserve attention from the listeners and motivate them to produce even more soundtracks that stir our imagination and lift our moods.


One of my favorite soundtrack album! (Image credit: trailermusicnews.com)

Mostly, I listen to soundtracks from anime shows and popular composers from the movies that I have watched. I love listening to the Official Sound Tracks (OSTs) from anime such as Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and Death Note. These two shows provide me with such a great list of soundtracks that I listen to them on repeat mode for an entire day. Death Note’s OSTs are my favorite pick as all of them are equally soothing and exhilarating. There is a playlist from YouTube channel EpicAnimeRequiem of the best soundtracks of Death Note which I encourage you to listen. My other OSTs from the anime include Code Geass: Continued Story, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni: Dear You, Anohana: Secret Base, Angel Beats: Ichiban No Takaramono, Code Geass: Madder Sky and Cowboy Bebop: The Real Folk Blues. I also listen to some OSTs from One Piece and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. When listening to these soundtracks, they increase my productivity, reduce stress and avoid negative emotions.

As for the non-anime soundtracks, I prefer listening to all of the tracks composed by Hans Zimmer and my best composing company, Two Steps From Hell. They both produce epic soundtracks that just relax my body, decrease fatigue and improve motor reflexes. Since I am a big fan of Batman, Zimmer’s work in the Dark Knight Trilogy appeals to my music taste. Also, I highly regard all of his OSTs featured in Christopher Nolan’s movies, most notably from Inception and Interstellar. They are simply astounding. As for TSFH, I love the soundtracks from its album SkyWorld. Occasionally, I listen to this playlist from YouTube channel Epic Music VN as they have some of the best soundtracks from popular online video games and movies. This does not mean that I do not listen anything except the ones mentioned above. There are many movies that have appealing soundtracks which I listen every once in a while.

Soundtracks have become an integral part of my life just as songs once were. With no lyrics to hum often, they help me to complete my tasks without any disturbances. I highly value the time that composers dedicate in creating heart warming soundtracks. Their devotion to craft tracks encourages me to push out of the comfort zone and value passion and time to craft my own products. I highly recommend readers to listen to soundtracks and discover the benefits that they can inculcate in our lives.




Fictional stories exist in various forms with interactive media topping the list. We watch our superheroes battling against the villains who desire power to rule the world or a regular student who inspires his friends to make a difference in other people’s lives. After either watching the countless TV shows or reading them in books or newspapers, we tend to relate our lives to the fictional characters in those mediums. That, for most of us, is exciting and inspiring.

Over the last couple of months, I have finished countless anime shows and two real-life TV shows. Anime shows include Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist:Brotherhood, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Stein’s Gate, Cowboy Bebop, Ano Hana, Baccano, Ef-A Tale of Memories, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Garden of Words, Children Who Chase Lost Voices, 5 Centimeters Per Second and Parasyte. I have also finished most of the animated DC movies released after 2007 that revolves around Superman, Batman and the Justice League. Also, I am currently on the latest episodes of The CW’s Arrow and The Flash. Now, these shows have exposed me to a lot of characters whose lives have affected me in some aspect.

Characters from Death Note and Code Geass give perspectives of how powers were used by the main characters Yagami Light and Lelouch Lamperouge respectively in their attempts to rule the world. No other shows have matched the critical thinking skills than these ones. After finishing these shows, Code Geass helped me to realize that having brains was not enough. It was necessary to use powers for a noble cause. Well, unless you reach its final episode, you view Lelouch’s actions to be the same as Light’s actions and then bam, you would make sense about the sacrifices that was made till the last episode. I highly recommend watching these two shows as they completely blow your mind.

FMAB is all about the importance of having brothers by your side. The journey that two brothers take in order to cure the younger brother’s body with the use of alchemy is truly awe-inspiring. The short but intense battles that take place balance the flow of the show. Roy Mustang’s desire to dethrone King Bradley is nicely orchestrated.


Characters from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Image Credits: http://static.minitokyo.net/ )

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Stein’s Gate are time-travel centered shows where the characters mess with time. This creates different timelines and the characters need to deal with the consequences of the Butterfly Effect. I highly rank Stein’s Gate as the best time travel show of all time. The lead protagonist Okabe Rintarou has to undo all of his actions in order to prevent both the deaths of his long-time friend Shiina Mayuri and his girlfriend Makise Kurisu. It teaches just how precious our relationships with other people are that when in times of crisis, we are in a dilemma to save a person at the cost of the other. In other words, it is all about preferences and hard choices. Are you ready to save your love for your long time friend or vice versa? Sometimes, we are left with a difficult question to name one person whom who we want to save between two persons whom we hold as the most important people of our lives. The show beautifully showcased the choice conundrum in terms of relationships and it made a lasting impression in my life.

Among all these shows, Ano Hana was the most emotional show that I had watched. It tells the story about six childhood friends who distanced themselves after one of them drowns in the river. It is set years after the incident happened when the ghost of the dead child roams until her promise is fulfilled. In case you are wondering if it is a ghost series, it is not. With just 11 episodes, the show has many eye watering moments. The desire to unite all of the distanced friends and share the ghost’s promise involves patience and belief that there is ghost among the friend circle. For most parts, the show reminded me how distanced our friend circle can get as we get older. It gave me chills about moving away from my friends and the lack of communication as a consequence. There are some friends whom I have not talked after high school. It is why I created a Viber group of over 30 friends where we communicate and stay in touch. For anyone who is moved by friendship stories and cannot handle serious emotions, this is a show worth watching. I am so obsessed with it that I can watch again and again. Just give four hours for it and you will become its huge fan.

I also loved the remaining shows equally. The point is that when we finish a show, we try to extrapolate the characters’ personalities into ourselves. We find that there is something missing in our lives or something that can fill the void. We take inspirations from them and move forward in our lives. Maybe we even long for the powers they have and pretend that they have effects in real lives. Maybe we even relate the difficult circumstances we once were in. Maybe the atmosphere that these characters are in bear some resemblance to our lives. In my case, I totally enjoy rumbling like Felicity Smoak, imagine processing my surroundings at a speed of attosecond just like Barry Allen does, try my best to think critically just as Light and Lelouch did, try not to time travel and not get into trouble like Rintarou and Makkoto Konno (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) and, not distance myself from my close friends just like Anohana portrayed. I don’t know why I involuntarily mimic the fictional characters from my favorite shows but one thing is certain-I am in love with it. In doing so I realize the power that these fictional characters can have in my life and it is awesome!


Two days ago, CNN named Maggie Doyne as the CNN Hero of the Year. She was the third winner affiliated to Nepal, after Anuradha Koirala and Pushpa Basnet, in the last eight years who was awarded for making huge impacts in the lives of Nepali. As a Nepali myself, it surely made me proud. Honestly, sometimes I think that whenever there is someone who is nominated for an international award, Nepali community will do whatever it can to make sure he/she gets the award. It is no coincidence that the pattern has repeated in the last couple of years.

In October, when Maggie Doyne was listed in the top ten, Nepalese knew that she was the founder and CEO of BlinkNow, a nonprofit organization that is helping over 400 children from poor communities to educate and prepare them up to post-graduate level with the establishment of Kopila Valley Children’s Home and School. Then, it was time for Nepalese to spread the word like a wildfire in the internet. Many urged to vote for Maggie and then thousands joined in. Their dedication finally paid off two days ago.

Nepalese feel a great sense of responsibility to show their gratefulness for someone who is involved in benevolent work and who gets recognized by the international community. It is something we closely connect to with the person. Even if they are foreigners, their contributions to the Nepali community stands out. We automatically categorize them as Nepali. They become our family and their happiness is our happiness. So, we become desperate to vote them. Most of the time, we will have become victorious.


Next time you see a Nepali nominated for an international award, there is high chance he/she will eventually win it.


Sometimes, I feel strange that a country with a small population has a bigger influence in an international award. Sometimes, I wonder why countries with wide internet access and with large population do not commit enough to win their countrymen. Perhaps I think that maybe they do not have to, as they continuously win other prestigious prizes. But for Nepal, just to see someone who represents/kind-of-represents the country is a great achievement. We have very little that we can symbolize ourselves proudly in the international arena besides being home to Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) and Lord Gautam Buddha to name a few. It is why Nepalese do not want to leave these chances that will help in cementing their country’s name in the world.

It was no wonder that Sano Babu Sunuwar and Lakpa Tsheri Sherpa from Nepal were named as People’s Choice for Adventurers of the Year 2012 organized by National Geographic Society. They had amassed the majority of the 72000 votes. Even in this case, Nepalese made sure that they took the title. In another instance, in 2007, Nepalese collected enough money to go to India and vote for Prashant Tamang, an Indian from a Nepali-speaking community in Darjeeling. They made sure that he won the title of Indian Idol. And, they were successful.  

The vast circulation of voting guidelines over the internet followed by a sense of responsibility from Nepali is more than enough to make sure that a Nepali or someone affiliated to Nepal shines throughout the world. The probability for this is so high that the next time you see a Nepali or someone who has contributed greatly to it nominated for an award, you will notice that he/she will have eventually won it. Just watch to deduce if I was wrong or not.



No country runs without politics. It is the benchmark for the development of the country. Few people realize the role that politics play in our daily lives. Everything that we do is directly affected by politics and hence its importance should be well known for every junior school student.

But alas, such is the case in our country that we teach the kids in the junior classes that politics is bad and very bad enough to enter. Even I fell into this category. I was taught by my elders that there was no future in politics and the situation would continue to worsen. There was no hope.
I was shocked to even hear such a statement. The same people who taught me to never give up hope are teaching me the art of despair only to give up on my aspiration to create a better country. What more can I expect to learn from the generation who seem to have lost faith in the current political developments?
“So you think Politics is dirty enough to get your hands spoiled?”
It is not that I am unaware of the political impasse in our country. I am well educated about it. I make it my habit to read the front page political news in detail because it really kills my patience when I am not updated about the major rifts taking place in the country. The tug of war that our leaders have merrily played over the PM’s chair and the ego they share when one comes into power is ubiquitous. All they ever discuss in their meetings are ways to topple the current government. 
I know about these but can do nothing about it. 
Are you asking me why? Well, here is the reason. I was always led to believe that only illiterate people should enter politics and there is no career to make out for the erudite. It imprinted in my mind to take less care of the country’s woes. Even if I  wanted to, I just took it in and did not work towards solving it because my subconscious assured me that politicians were there to see to it. However, I was unknown that politics was dirty enough to cripple itself from cleaning the mess it had created. Or so I had been taught.
To these folks who only saw the released film and did not care to buy the DVD version to find out what it takes to master politics and the optimum role it has to make the people’s dreams come true, I sincerely salute them. 
I thank them as they have not only taught us to grow hatred towards politics but also set a conviction to be welcomed by the next generations. And they are the same people who think that youth should take charge of the politics. 
How can they know that entering politics will ruin our lives? How can they expect us to lead the country when they themselves have forbidden us to enter politics? By the way, how can they be so sure of the game that they can blindly call it dirty? It is absolutely outrageous.
The education that we acquired has already taken its shape. We don’t see any SLC distinction holders entering politics. They are only into doctors or engineers. As for the third division or failed candidates, their life has taken a U-turn after entering politics. They enjoy a free ride to the nooks and corners of the world but never bring any concrete plan to end the impasse in their country. They have a great life and luckily find themselves as the project manager who earns millions whereas his distinction holder friend is left to work in a less payable job. And you expect the country to just move on with it? Are you contempt with it?
Politics is not dirty. Only the people involved in it are. These are the same bunch of folks who never acquired a degree but boasted about a local college honoring them with a honorable degree on the occasion of College’s Annual School Day. 
And you can naturally call your apprentice to bid adieu to his childhood dream of becoming a politician. The reason is that easy to comprehend!
I guess, it still isn’t too late. It is time that we trade places with the old grandparent politician over the issue of leading the party. We sure can lead the party to great heights. 
Discuss over the issue to bring in new ideas to challenge the outdated yet revered thoughts that we have about leading the country. It is time to direct our level of enthusiasm for good. Time to bring in the scholars to politics and revolutionize the system. Time to make the change that we wished for so long. Time to respect politics and the time to cultivate the thoughts in young minds that politics is as clear as a polished diamond and the future is bright upon entering it. 
That is why politics should be respected. Encourage everyone to be a part of it. Let’s get more graduates into politics. Let us hope that everyone of us will want to make our brothers a respected politicians.


“Zindagi jeene k do hi tarike hote hain…ek jo ho raha hain hone do, bardaasht karte jao…ya phir jimmedari uthao usse badalneki”- Aamir Khan,Rang De Basanti

Translation: There are only two ways to live life: Tolerate things the way they are… Or, take responsibility to change them.

This dialogue has such a heavy influence in my life that it has turned into an inspiration and an adage to live for the rest of my life. Ever since I first came across it, when I sneaked past the packed TV room in my school, I have tried my best to put the message in practice. And, if I am allowed to boast about it, have been successful as well. The foremost inspiration that got imprinted in my mind from this dialogue was that one can change the way it is by taking that one bold step: the audacity to take the responsibility in changing it.
Frankly, it was the most difficult scenario that I had faced. Deep inside I felt that the reform was necessary. That, something ought to be done to clean up the mess. That, someone has to be the catalyst. That, that someone ought to be me. Truth be told, it felt that ego was ruling my decision. But, ego it may be, it proved a turning point in the years hence. I simply did not gather courage to watch my counterparts (myself included) suffer the misery cast upon us. After I decided to take matter in my hands, thoughts gathered around me to at least muster some help from my bold peers. Together we went to the concerned authority and without any hesitation, at most times, I was able to start the conversation and backed by my friends’ opinions, they proved to be a pivotal point in witnessing the change we strongly desired. 
Taking the responsibility to start a change will surely start a revolution.
Slowly, my involvements in such initiatives fueled my desire to harness change in the society. Sometimes, when my friends asked for a favor to start the conversation, it made feel really responsible. While some believed that I was trapped in delusions and even went as far to deem me a rebellion. I am not bragging about my idiosyncrasies. Instead I am making a point that most of us don’t gather enough guts to make the change that we long wished for by taking the responsibility to do so. 
Whenever there are opinions which challenge the ideals held by a group and which can damage its reputation, I bet none of us stand up to criticize those ideals. I bet everyone will get trapped like the audience involved in the bystander effect. We just simply listen to what the opponent has to say and hope that someone will point out his flaws. In other words, we stand back as the story unfolds with fear engulfing our motives.
It is why I believe there are only two ways to live our life. First, the habit that we all revere: grab a popcorn and watch how the villain kidnaps the girl. Second, be the hero to free the girl and not just watch like the shopkeepers who have a faith that the police will surely catch the villain one day. What the shopkeeper misses is that he should be the first one to save the girl. In illustrating this case, I am beginning to feel that you have a point to make: Why should the shopkeeper be dragged into saving her? Well, that is where most of us fail to live in accordance to the second way. I believe that the shopkeeper should also be involved in the chase because it will set an example for other shopkeepers to follow thereby making the capture of the villain easy. 
Another annoying example that I want to make point about is the case of many of us WANTING to end the Nepali culture of organizing the strike feast. All that we care in such situation is to end it immediately and expect the government to negotiate with the concerned folks. I see parents complaining to each other how menacing the strike is to their children’s education or the common people who sit in front of the shops and blame the system for creating an impasse. I have nothing to describe these people than calling them scums, however harsh that might sound.
These group are not living. They are dead. Don’t they have the courage to go into the street and put an end to the strike? I am sure many will lend their hands for the initiative to take shape. What they think is that there will be someone to stop this mess and all will be good. I guess this tradition has to end. Why are we so afraid of our lives? Weren’t we the ones who boasted of sacrificing our lives for the good of our country? Where did the chauvinism disappear? Why is it that most of the time we want someone to challenge the system? Why can’t we be the one to start the change? Why can’t we put an end to corruption by filing a report to the police? Why can’t we face the people who are spoiling the system? Are we afraid that the media will not take coverage? Or are we afraid that the person involved will send their gang to beat us up late in the night? Or are we afraid that it will ruin the reputation which we have tried so hard over the decade to establish?
We talk big but are afraid to implement them. We are afraid that talking to the teacher about their weaknesses will cost us our grades. We are afraid that the earnings we are enjoying will be cut short when the boss finds out that we were the ones who wanted his supremacy to end. We are afraid that filing a case to the police will develop fear of death in us every time the phone rings at night. We are afraid to do anything at all and sadly, wish the next generation to not experience what we experienced. We are afraid if the youngsters will take the initiative to end the taboo. Above all, we are afraid to take the responsibility to initiate the change.
By now, the dialogue must have already influenced your outlook in life. If we want the system to change, we should take the responsibility to change it. If we have an idea that could change the world, let us immediately implement it before we regret not doing so. Had Edison not moved on with his dream, we would never have seen the incandescent bulb! Had the activists of 2007 not taken the responsibility to overthrow the tyrannical Ranas, we would still be illiterate and the literacy rate would never had reached double figures! More important than that, had Prithvi Narayan Shah not taken the burden to unite the small states, there would not have been a country called Nepal! Hence, it all adds to the fact that we ought to be the leaders to initiate change before expecting others to start a revolution in the near future when matter becomes even worse. That is why the most important of all the life quotes you have ever heard of are subtle compared to the weight that the dialogue has.
For this to become reality, let us instill the thought in us and take the initiative to change the system that we feel is putting the prospect of development in dark. Let us make our generation the most exemplary generation and make the future generations feel that taking the responsibility to see change taking place is the best lesson that they will never forget. That way, after twenty years, we can be proud to be a part of the revolution that we took responsibility of and share our acts of valor to our grandchildren. But, only if we wish to end the culture of tolerating the corrupt system by taking the responsibility ourselves to make the change happen. 
May the next revolution start right at this hour. May we all take the responsibility to see the change we longed to see.


Isn’t the title contrasting? I deliberately wrote it that way because from the conversations I have heard over the years, disappointingly, they point to the fact that people are being misled to lend their trust to the word courage. The conclusion that I have come to is that the ones involved in such actions just showed off their definition of courage to gain what I call very naive impression from others. They leave a disgusting impression because all they can do is backbite and when it comes to walking the talk, they become the innocuous spectator who thought that the reputation which they had earlier will do the trick. Foolish folks (I hate these impression-seekers)!
Imagine the common scenario in our school. When we feel that our subject teacher is not proving his intellectual ability and the teaching style is not promising to make the students absorb the subject matter effectively, all we do is dig up his flaws when he is writing something on the board. Inspired from the soap-operas, we backbite and, if possible, are ready to spend 24 hours discussing that the teacher needs serious improvements or in extreme cases, we feel we should kick him out. We do so either to ensure that the backbites will be heard by the teacher himself or to make our peers fall into the impression that we can do such big talks as we have the advantage of being a reputed academic intellect. Seldom do we realize that it does not even have a one in a billion chances to produce the projected result. That is why we should think twice before we let others feel that we have the guts to talk big but deliver nothing. 
It takes real courage to act as you wish to and impressions don’t come in the way.
Whatever I am saying have already been a part of my life. There were moments when my peers thought that coming to a verbal conclusion only among us would show the solution to our problem. Moments when we just stared at the ceiling or stood tirelessly at the side of our bed right after our supper (in a large group, of course!) telling how rubbish the ideas presented in the class were and that the teacher been criticized should have never taught us. In contrast, Pain filled our bodies when we pictured ourselves standing even for a brief two minutes sharing the drawbacks that we had gathered after a thorough Hercule Poirot styled investigation directly to the teacher in question.
Sometimes, creepy thoughts like audaciously presenting the drawbacks to the concerned teacher or writing a letter of no confidence delineating the problems swirled in my heads. They began to pile. It was only after a very long time that I was capable of breaking loose from the chains of I-thought-you-a-good-student thought that I pictured of the teachers having about me. It occurred to me that if someone at the present state doesn’t stand up, then the next set of students would have to live through the torture of organizing a forum to find ways to spot his weaknesses. The thought of acting courageously carried no importance to me. All I cared was for my peers and my brothers to ease the pressure a bit. Luckily, with the help of some of my friends, I was able to bring the issue into light (trust me, it was the hardest yet damn care thing I had done in my life). 
Don’t fall into the idea of me bragging about my definition of courage. As simple as defining the term, it is crucial for us to move ideas into action. With the initiative from one of us, it will be passed down to others and cordial relationship will be established. Even the folks enjoying the amenities of standing on a better academic ground should DO something about the issue. Don’t fear about your impression being ruined when you talk to your teacher about his drawbacks. Just believe that the teacher will gladly accept your opinions. After all, he is wise enough to teach you that all humans make mistakes and it is necessary to correct them before others fall into its impression. 
It is thus necessary to use the word in a benign way. Courage,says Ambrose Redmoon, is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. We should be selfless in this situation. Do not regret losing the chance you had when your person in question was cool and you had all the support from your friends. Be courageous enough to lure him into committing an effective teaching display the next time he visits your class. And it is not the case of pinpointing drawbacks to your teacher only, the courage in you should sprout whenever the situation demands. That, I believe, is a greater virtue than merely displaying courage. Until then, don’t bring a disgrace to Courage.


Last time when I checked my inbox, I was surprised to find an unfamiliar question: Can you suggest some good blogs to read? Without any second thought, I quickly replied with ease to the sender suggesting him to be a sports fan to get the most out of the blogging world. Some may argue with my suggestion and deem ridiculous. But for me, I don’t care as long as it is the right thing to do and right thing it is. Now, what about those folks who are nowhere near the boundary to immersing into a sport? Well, at least they should follow one of these adventures if all of these aren’t possible.
Some of you might already have felt frustrated in your quest to understanding the point I am trying to convey. Let me tell you once again that being a sports fan is the best way to break the daily monotony of life. An avid sports fan knows how relieved he feels when his team displays a promising performance. He enjoys every bit of it as there aren’t days like these in his office. The excitement and vigor fuels him with cheerfulness and, to some extent, it becomes a tradition to brag to his peers. He even challenges his opposition to know about their clubs’ rich culture and makes them feel inferior in understanding their team. For the later part, he knows that there are no shortcuts than to search everything that his team holds or boasts of; but ultimately, he feels pleased to gather proof that he IS the team’s biggest fan and, in the process, pushes the KNOW YOUR TEAM BETTER to distant memory.
Where would you see such pose? Soap operas, in front of mirror?? NO, the only place is Sport!
Don’t get misled to follow soccer and cricket only when I mention you to be a sports fan. I know that most of you are familiar about these two but it is good to check other options as well. Why not to devote yourself to lawn tennis, formula one or even golf? Moreover, if you find yourself passionate about chess or scrabble, why not get accustomed to these indoor games and in the process, gather as much knowledge about them as possible? Just don’t play them, know what is happening in the global arena.
Look, the thing about NOT being a sports fan (I really detest folks who don’t fall into this category, seriously) is that they just don’t have as much joy to cherish as the sports fans do. After a long week of work, what do you have for the weekends to divert your attention to? Skipping, shopping or reading books?? Ok, I am not mocking these choices and I am ok with you guys to spend the day doing these naive things. What I don’t get is what have you planned for the evening for the rest of your lives? Sometimes, I feel that you people are stupid. Stupid in a sense that the weight of living is very heavy for you to live by.
People who aren’t sports fan are innocuous when a sports fan switches their soap-operas and tunes to a sports channel (believe me, it is one of those moments when all you have left to do is either stare at the screen dumbfounded or picture yourself learning Mandarin!). 
The best thing about being a sports fan is that you can increase your family circle. Wouldn’t you want to know more of the person who shares a common interest with you? For example, if someone likes Buttercup, I bet you will move a step further into asking more of his interests. The same is the case for a sports fan. Once you get to know that both of you like the same team, a bond grows and psychologically speaking, conversations start to flourish. To make it more clear, most of the followers that I have on twitter are Arsenal fans and we share our opinions continuously. It is like I have another family to share joys and frustration with. Also, the ones whom I follow are somehow related to the sports world. 
Back to the suggestion that I gave to my friend, I emphasized on it because most of the good writing that I have appreciated over the years have come from sports analysts or sports fans. Unlike other fields of writing, a sports article delivers you with awesome adjectives and convincing opinions. Moreover, the thirst for knowledge compels us to get hold of it. 
It is such a wonderful feeling to be a sports fan and spend your weekends watching the best from your players. Be it Roger Federer, Thierry Henry, Tiger Woods, Michael Schumacher or Adam Gilchrist, I have always tried to know about them by never missing their games or by going through what the media are talking about. 
Now that you have come so far, why not get involved in one of the sports? Just try to watch a full game and be a part of it for the rest of your life. It is that much easy. I am sure you will feel so much joy than the time when you felt after your exams were over. 
So what are you waiting for? Just tune in to a sports channel! Let the adventure begin! 
(PS: If you want to get suggestions on which sport you should follow, do so freely. This article is directed to folks who spend their time practicing soliloquy in front of the mirror. No kidding.)


Most of you will probably have some memories of shedding tears intermittently on the first day ever of your school life. The very thought of spending eight hours or more away from your parents for the first time was enough to send you in a state of misery as you tried to battle your fear of new faces. But why do such memories stay deep rooted in our subconscious? Why is it that everything we have done as part of our first time adventures haunt us very often than the daily incidents?
Sometimes, first times spent together are life long remembered.
All of us vividly remember the long stretches of lectures that we received from our elders when we failed for the first time in our tests. Some of us even cherish those first moments when we gave a damn to respecting the rules that were the very foundation of an institution. The common example would be the first visit to the restricted area of my alma mater BLACK GATE AREA. To put it straight, some things that were beyond our wildest imaginations tend to capture the essence of the naivety and make remembering subtle experiences worth time spent on. 
It seems that however hard we try to forget these moments, we just do not have the courage to do so. How can we forget our very first live football match of our favourite club? Certainly, we cannot. It is absolutely out of question. I believe, for some, these moments become an advantage to brag about to their peers. Wouldn’t you want to look loquacious when you move around your classroom yelling about your very first slap to your friend who is of the opposite sex? And after this incident, won’t you reminisce it when you find a similar case from your child some 15-20 years later? I bet you do!
There are times in our life when we feel nostalgic about; like the one when our best band visits our home town and we enjoy the energetic crowd cheering along with us. While few moments of first times take away the spotlight away from us and their scars get embedded in our emotions. One in particular would be our involvement in alcohol addiction as it sparks unrest in the family. The victim would not have time to realize that his innocence at the very first time of taking a glass of alcohol had cost his status in the society and the stakes are high as he fears being ostracized from his society.
Whatever the trauma our first time leads us to, the experience brings us fresh memories to ignite our excitement. It creates a link among us that is very crucial to our lives in the later part of our career. Our first times make the bond between the people directly involved in it very strong and reliable. We begin to discover and share other similar experiences in the days to come, and a trend suggests that we spend our time together with the person involved directly in our adventures more than with the others. 
Psychologically,our body pushes us to maintain the relationship status that we have been carefully knitting with our actions. We cannot live without their continued support in difficult times. Those first connections play an important role in the development of our relationships and assure us to seek hope in difficult times. That way, we have less time dedicated to worrying about the strong thread losing its lustre. These first moments also provide a glint of hope and happiness when there are none to look after.
Still, there are a lot of other reasons to debate about why some first moments stick at the back of our heads long after the incident while others don’t. The ephemeral happiness that we express is a consequence of arduous attempts that we have put into making it happen or the selfish desire to bring  a smile in someone’s face. Well, whatever the infinite reasons we may come across, it is necessary to build our list of first times very carefully and enjoy every bit of it as first times lose their charm when they become second. 
That’s why Make every first experience something to brag about for the rest of your lives…


This is the month when Macau celebrates its 60th Grand Prix in the Formula One calendar or better known as F1. Most of you may not even know about this breathtaking sport that has ruled the world since 1930s. As for the people who know at least something about this sport, even they don’t seem to be lured by the speed of the cars and the nail biting moments that it has delivered ever since. But my real appreciation goes to the folks who have followed every single story of F1.
I have been into F1 when my brother once again changed my cartoon channel to tune into Formula One race. Honestly, I had never heard about the lavish sport before. The closest that I had come so far was playing NFS in my PC and which is not even an F1 sport! So basically, it was another sport whose statistics I should now begin to weigh to search options into my dedication to the sport. Thankfully, in my era into the sport, the world was relishing the scintillating performances of the legendary Michael Schumacher. Although my brother did not reveal much about the sport, I consistently watched the races to try my luck at understanding the sport. And after watching how Schumi raced to the pole position in the qualifying races and ultimately the coveted races the next day helped me to cherish everything that the sport promised for this amateur viewer.
Told ya! Nothing gets interesting to watch the F1 crashes and cashes.
Over the next few years or so, I was very much into the sport and could clearly make others understand about the sport. After Schumi retired, I was a big fan of Kimi Raikonnen but these days, he is not so enthralling to make you addict to the game. Instead, it is 24 year old Sebastian Vettel who has won his 4th World F1 Championships this year becoming the youngest racer ever to do so. But the sad thing about conveying this stats is that most of you who are reading this do not truly understand the significance of this high-flying sport. 
Whenever I asked some of my friends about this sport, all they could say was that only the name was familiar to their ears but they were nowhere near to getting addicted to this lucrative sport. While for those who knew much about the working of the sport, they were not so enthusiastic to spend a whole two hours or so watching 70 laps around the same track. In other words, the sport was very boring. They considered spending their time watching the weekend films on their idiot box. What they did not know was that anything was possible in between these magical moments and which booked their headlines in the media the next day.
I honestly consider that to be the reason that the sport is clearly not getting as much attention as soccer. I guess this will serve as a statement to prove how cash-full this sport is: Fernando Alonso earns double of what Christiano Ronaldo earns in a week. 
See, what else can be so pulsating than to spare your time to the lavish sport. That is the reason for stating my catchy title because however rich and fast the sport is, there seems to be a barrier to luring audience into the sport. I promise you, just watch one full race. It will surely give you a heart attack with nail-biting encounters of an F1 car crashing into the other one and sometimes a blazing car in the middle of the circuit and deafening silence at the end of the race to decide which racer will take away your hearts. So just get addicted into the sport and chill out!


Many a times in our lives we have seen people throwing away thousands of money just in the name of respecting some highly rated business leaders, political leaders and the anticipated people in this list ‘the celebrities’. Whenever there are some occasions to welcome these personalities, the organizers don’t leave a place for the audience to criticize on. I am strictly mentioning ‘throwing away money’ because they forget to pay attention to the subtle yet important issues going around instead of spending hundreds of hours and money for a person whom they have heard of only in the media. 
I know the question you are probably thinking about: Is this blogger insane to show his outrage at a revered practice? Indeed, I admire your concern at this and I will be glad to erase the doubts swirling in your minds. 
First of all, let me demonstrate an example. Imagine the time when a school decides to celebrate its annual school day and comes out with a once-in-a-lifetime plan to invite a reputed celebrity. It knows that the celebrity will not grace the event if a hefty sum of money is provided to him or if the decorations are not very lucrative enough to lure his busy schedule in sparing some time for this function. And so the preparations begin. After a week, the school is as attractive and expensively decorated as a five star hotel. What the school could not achieve in a lifetime, the expectations filled in with the arrival of a celebrity achieved the feat in less than a week. 
“Instead of inviting me, it would have been wise to spend the money for decorations to renovate these temples.”
Finally, the day arrives. The celebrity is left in shock at the decorations the school has put up because analyzing at the nearby infrastructures, it seems to be in a budget crisis. But the school does not worry about it; after all the celebrity convinces himself that it is something he truly deserves(and he thinks that it is a must!) as part of his stardom. The function continues and an hour has already passed by. However, with the busy schedule on his way, the celebrity cuts his promised stay at the programme and leaves early. 
So far so good as it provided the audience to witness the making of history with their very own eyes. They are rejoiced at the opportunity of taking a close up of the person that they have only read in the local magazines. As for the organizers, they shun their decision to call this celebrity as he did not fulfill his promise. We should have brought another one,they say. 
But I say, You should not have brought any one.
I know the organizers will be mad about my statement and why shouldn’t they be? They have every right to be. Even I couldn’t leave away the thoughts of meeting my childhood hero. 
Sadly, in all these circumstances, we miss a point that needs to be addressed. We forget that doing so would mean accepting everything our ego orders us to do. We fail to divert our concerns to add more entertaining books to the library instead of displaying a lavish source of wealth when we had nothing much to depend upon before the event. 
Why can’t we utilize our expensive budget for school day to buy hundreds of books for our students or to buy desks for other schools’ students who dream under a roofless and desk-less classrooms to becoming a reputed engineer? Why can’t we use the money that we had to clear our debts before it is too late? Why do we let ourselves be fooled by the idea of garnering respect and fame by bringing a superstar? 
We can receive undreamed respect if we are able to drastically change the life of meager persons by listening and acting towards their problems. This will bring dignity for the school authorities for paying attention to modify the livelihood of its community. It will accumulate praise for its services and may even inspire other schools to make the best from the money for the issues that need immediate attention than those that require huge focus but deliver ONLY ephemeral respect(or is it none at all?).
Sometimes, I think that if all the money that a political party spends on the pamphlets went for development works(kind of on the spot types) rather than watching a car just throwing them out of its window; it will make a significant contribution to the society and maybe even gather promising votes for which they have been longing for. Or, take the case of hundreds of galas being organized in the cities. I know that it is a business that they live to die for, but at least, can’t they allocate a small amount of money from the sold tickets for the people in the west or for those children who lost their right to education during the Maoist insurgency? This way, it delineates the generosity that we once thought had faded in mankind. 
It is my sincere request that next time you do anything that involves bringing celebrities or leaders, think twice. It is not necessary to call them. Instead, invite a farmer who has toiled for the upbringing of his child and who only dreams of his child to be literate enough to free his family from loans. That will be the better idea. You will also get inner satisfaction for your deed. After all, happiness is something that we get from these little things…