Month: September 2014


Kehi Garau. A new adventure. A new classroom. A new organization. A blueprint for a worthy future.
I was always intrigued at the thought of building my own legacy and sharing the passion with the world. The dedication to turn an idea into a reality. The desire to push my qualities to their extreme. And now, I find that this is going to be a major milestone in my life.
The organization that is sprouting this will is “Kehi Garau”. I thought about the name back in February 2014. And just few days ago, I was sharing everything about my vision to my pal, Dikendra Karki. The raw ideas I was bringing forth in our viber chat convinced him that it was a great milestone in our lives and could prove pivotal for each of us in our quest for a tangible rural developments. After all, our leadership qualities will be tested and our creativity put to action along with sustaining the expenses in our journey as co-founders of the organization.
Sure enough, anyone can start an organization but the difficulty lies in convincing people like you to be a part of it and share our passion. For this reason, I discuss the goals of our organization and convince you that it is a promising and equally enjoyable journey.
The name “Kehi Garau” (translation: let’s do something) is itself a catalyst for motivating people to do something tangible however little those actions might be. It is a gateway to mold the ideas and witness the developments we long have been aspiring for. It is not a talk organization but ‘walking the talk’.
The co-founders of ‘Kehi Garau’ : Manasbi Parajuli(left) and Dikendra Karki(right)
For example, one of the first programs on our list is entitled “breaking stereotypes”. Simply put, it is an initiative to showcase the stereotypes that Nepalese hold and how they are impeding the development process. A stranger will hold a playcard that displays the stereotype he thinks we are part of and it will be put in our blog and even on our youtube channel. From there, we hope to get as many people as possible to be a part of this movement anywhere in the world. One such stereotype could be “I secured 90% in SLC and I am studying MANAGEMENT in +2.” What this will do is force the youth to speak up and take action against the malpractices in the society. Even you can send your photo holding a playcard pertaining to such stereotypes to us and contribute to the movement.
A thing to note about our organization’s name is that it gives us freedom to get involved in almost every issue that is impeding our progress in the society. Be it about teaching students in the rural communities, organizing street plays, paying a visit to orphanage or old age, changing the education system in schools or donating educational books to less fortunate schools, our organization is committed for these adventures.
It is just not an ordinary organization, but a platform to push to leave your legacy for a better future. A legacy that commences in the rural areas and inspires movements in the urban places.  A legacy to trust that our own actions will play a larger part than waiting for the government to take its. A legacy to embrace the young ones and provide them opportunities to turn their ideas into reality without ever condemning their lack of expertise in the desired areas.
Although we have yet to register this organization, we believe that you will be a part of it without any hesitation. And we don’t want to make it mandatory to do so.
The finance will be run in the initial stages by gaining popularity through publicity in youtube channels, starting blogs and persuading people like you to trust us and our vision and be patient while we prove your trust in us. Then we can gather funds from people like you and request your help in raising funds. Later, we will try our best to get attention in the international stages and persuade a mass involvement throughout the world.
That is all we have to say in this blog. It is a new beginning and one that will be a part of many of us for the rest of our lives. Just comment below for your thoughts on this blog so that we can make a generalization about the liking to our organization. Also, comment in the blog to be a member of “Kehi Garau”.