Month: May 2014


In Sanskrit, the oldest language in the world, taka means money. And in our life, it is a mandatory ticket to everything we do in our lives. It is something we value to meet our lives’ expectations. Or it can be considered as the burdening factor to all the negative images we get of the society, theft, murder and arson, for example. But I am more concerned about the fact that it is just not only about following our dreams that only counts. If we were to dig deeper into reality, we would be startled to discover the strong connection that money has with our ambitions. 
Let’s say that you have an innate passion to help the people around you, especially the unfortunate ones. You have a dream to build schools and libraries for the children in rural societies. Or you make up your mind to grant a society access to electricity by constructing a hydropower plant. In any case, it is necessary to estimate the cost and get ready with it to turn the dream into reality. It is just one of the many examples concerning what money has to offer to make our wishes come true. 
Money: the root of all problems or the solution to all problems? (image courtesy:
Money rules our lives. It is as simple as that. The extent of its influence is another story to deal with. Some may be inspired to donate a large amount of their money to construct something tangible and beneficial to the communities like temples and schools. Most may think about investing the earnings to buy stocks or real estates. While some may be forced to indulge in robbery and terrorism to compensate the paucity of money that is making their lives miserable. Whatever the case, it is money that tops necessities charts.
Few may argue that whatever I am talking about is utter nonsense. It is possible to live without entirely depending on money to turning dreams into realities. They may claim that selfless service does not require money. But I bet that most of the dreams they crave has not seen the light at the end of the tunnel just because lack of money blocked their path. 
I know the hazardous possibility that focusing too much in earning money can have to our lives. But it is irrelevant to not to accept the above mentioned fact. Most of the success stories that we hear were only possible through money. Money made possible to let them receive education, it granted them access to opening a business or it got them all the amenities required to brag the lives they were living. 
Yeah, hard work pays for your efforts. It eases the burden in your family by providing you money. In other words, it rescues you. Had it not been possible, you would be left to search for alternatives to carry on with your dreams. 
Perhaps, it is not just to think about making dreams. Resources are another aspect of our dreams. Without them, it is in vain to think about what we want in our lives. That is why for the most part of our lives, we push ourselves to earn more money and get a step closer to fulfill all the adventures enlisted on our bucket list. We people do not give up our dreams just because money proved a barrier to our ambitions, don’t we? Still, it is beautiful to consider what money can do with our dreams, either we like it or not. It is just another unsolvable variable we have to pay attention to if we are to move on.


I am not into the scientific understanding of entropy, really. It is just that I hate when my surrounding is all messed up. Be it in my wardrobe, or in the way the utensils get arranged when I wash them up, everything has to be in its respective place.
I must have inherited my dislike to entropy from my mother. She always aligns everything in the rooms and in the kitchen in their own places. Maybe it is the reason why I am so fond of cleaning everything that comes in my way. I hate seeing my bed left astray. Not a moment when I can enjoy my peers leaving their dirty socks in the dormitory. Not a moment when can I appreciate the randomness of handwriting that my teachers present whilst they write the problems in the blackboard. Not a day goes by when I feel that something ought to be done about the foul odor entering as a draught into my room from the other room. 
Entropy maintained in my Worshiping room
It is just not about the cleanliness that glues to my consciousness. The presentations also play a role in determining whether some products will have a lasting impression in my senses. If, for example, I go into a shop and find that the materials are all out of their place, then I turn myself aloof into buying one of the products. As easy as that!
Back in my school days, I had such affinity to maintaining my dormitory that I naturally lured my dorm mates to clean up the mess they had created. Some felt relieved by my influence while some complained that I had gone too far to make it mandatory to affect their personal life. I loved to give my version of lectures on the direct relation between cleanliness and studies. They did little to change their conscience. I knew later that my peers went so easy on my advice due to my stubborn nature. Well, whatever the reason it was, I felt happy to not have confronted entropy. 
Maybe I am so addicted to cleaning my rooms that I have forgotten to notice any of its flaws. Maybe I am so obsessed to reaching for my stuffs hastily that my hands have turned dirty and felt itchy when I make my bed. Maybe I am so irritated by randomness that the thought of hearing lectures on entropy will get me scabies for a long time. However I try to dwell on dull reasons, I love being who I am: a maniac who sees everything in order and who is desperate to keep it that way in whatever way possible.


I love to trek. That’s it. Nothing more. The idea I crave about pushing my body through difficult trails is the best adventure I could think of making the most of my time. That is why I least bother about the weather trying to create a burden in my trek. 
Trekking carries a special meaning to my life. For me, it is about the freedom I enjoy from the daily chores. It breaks the activity pattern I am accustomed to. No more books to read, no more surfing through the internet and no more phone calls from people around you (well, you have to get lucky to be near locations where mobile networks are unreachable). There are no more news about Arsenal netting some goals in the fierce derby against Spurs. I don’t need to worry if my friend has gone to watch the latest movie which I was dying to watch. I leave behind the strenous task of reviewing every status and photos that I have been tagged in Facebook. I stop to think about whether Roger Federer himself would retweet my tweet. Above all, no more communication with the world wide web! Ah, I bet you have already been lured to pack your bag to a 14-day trek around Annapurna Circuit! Glad for you, though. 
Trekking is about rejunevating my body with immense strength and cleansing my soul. It is a time to live in the present and stop thinking about my future. I also don’t have to worry whether my examinations delivered the desired result. My soul feels free and aids my body to recover mentally. Some people believe that trekking is just another version of morning walk. Well, not really. Because in trek, I don’t get used to the same trail yime and again like I do when I walk in the morning. There are no returns in the trek. I just need to walk the path that countless other trekkers have used. There are cliffs to walk, waterfalls to follow, moving down the hills and oh, how can I forget: the sheer enjoyment I get when I acclimatize! Lovely, isn’t it? I mean, to acclimatize. 
Trekking involves walking an average of seven hours per day (well, at least that is what I did en route to the mini-long version of Annapurna Base Camp! Seven hours is no joke?!). Physically, my legs start to ache and the trekking bags I carry makes me feel like a professional porter who is earning 1000 per day for his services. The difficult trails force my body to gain stamina and prepare me to involve in a fight, if necessary (wait, no. I was just kidding). 
I (far left) and my friends Prabesh, Sajal and Rajnish on our
 ABC trek.
It is just a completely different feeling once you carry the trekking bag and trekking stick with you. It is just like inviting fun to party with you. Dancing to the chillaxing beats of the trails and letting your body encapsulate the beauty of increasing heart beat. Add to that a taste of our body nearing dehydration and you immediately find yourself searching for water. I am being nostalgic. It’s just that I remember about my latest Annapurna Base Camp trek. 
I mean, trekking is just a walk but in a completely different level. The amount of sweat you carry in your clothes and the constant search for shadows to soothe you makes you want more of it. There is no returning back once you start your trek because you don’t want to! After all, you remember the trouble you got into preparing your trekking stuffs and buying the dry fruits and chocolates for your adventure. 
Trekking makes you neglect your body’s call for immediate medical attention. If it turned out serious, it meant causing delay to your companions. If it turned out as nothing serious, it meant that some valuable trekking time was spent on worrying on useless stuffs.
Sometimes, although we really don’t want to get into tough acts, our peers challenge us to race. And the challenge gets passed onto our body. Trekking does just that. We have never been accustomed to continuous difficult trails and hence the race provides a brand new platform for us to analyze the extent that our body can reach. The adrenaline rush we get as we yearn for the finishing line proves as a boosting factor for us to extend the trekking days.
See, trekking involves all the adventure that we can possibly imagine. Break from our jobs or internships, break from the tendency to check facebook likes every now and then, a little bit of tolerating pain as we travel through steep trails, the adrenaline rush we get by racing in the uneven landscapes are all the surprises we can enjoy from this complete trekking package. One suggestion I desperately want to convey is that whatever the trouble you can possibly think of running into when you gear up for trekking plan, let it happen. Don’t worry about making an appearance in front of the boss or the worry about losing some of your salary. Just chill out and let the adventure begin! Happy trekking, folks.