Month: June 2015


Nothing has fascinated me more than the desire to leave a legacy in every work that I do. That is why I long to master perfection by carving my abilities to their full potential.
Whenever we study a successful figure, we do not revel at the developments he did but are inspired at the way he let the world dance along to his beats. It is not the money he earns or his products that so much impacts the way we perceive the world but due to the very way that he led us believe that such a thing was even possible in the first place. And that is what I have been closely scrutinizing whenever I hear about people, famous or not, shaping the world in surprising ways. The very attitude to leave a legacy in every work they do, however small it may be, grabs my attention and pushes me to unchartered territories.
I am not certain of my career fifteen years from now but I have pledged to leave a legacy for others to follow from whatever work I find appealing. Because small or not, my work may inspire a small group and as inspiration is exponentially powerful, it slowly dissipates the legacy that I have created.

I have no intention of blabbering whatever comes into my mind but when I self-analyze my surroundings, I feel that most of us live our lives for granted. At the same time, talk about legacy may seem too ambitious but I can’t deny the fact that creating a legacy in itself is very inspiring and pushes you to achieve more. In other words, it lets you to be in charge and compels others to learn from your lives. After all, we all learn something from whomever we meet in our lives.
Legacy is all about polishing what you do and spread the good in a contagious way. Thomas Alva Edison’s legacy was to try on and on no matter the amount of failures that we experience. Steve Jobs taught us to think ‘out of the box’ and strive towards excelling at creativity. Many other people that I have come across have taught me something significant. I learn from them and grow. Or when I see people involved in their quotidian acts, I revere the legacy, charming or not, that they are creating for the passersby.
I feel that I am blinded by leaving a legacy for others to follow. I have no control over the future but I can begin to realize my faith. After all, when I die, I want to be remembered for the legacy that I left behind and not for the countless other stories surrounding my life. Because legacy is what immortalizes me whatever the backgrounds I present to the world. My name will be forgotten but I wish to live on through my legacies.



Well, congratulations to the four major political parties for teaching us that greed must not come in the way of development. Although you guys realized it late, the step that you took yesterday to break the political deadlock was praiseworthy. Now, stay on course and deliver us a new constitution within a month. Yup, within a month!

As much as the news comes as a relief to the citizens, we fear that you guys have still not heard our voices. All those talks of reaching an agreement on the issues pertaining to political administration and the required number of states that our motherland needs to be divided seem nothing but a random decision made by just four or so people. The very folks who couldn’t stay on the government for more than a year for reasons we still can’t fathom.

Look, I understand the importance of adopting a federal state for the developments to flourish. I also realize that the recent earthquake has taught us that decentralization is indeed the answer to our dream Nepal. We all do. But it is absolutely crucial to take into account that there are not just four or five people but over 20 million whose decisions carry equal weight. I want to imply that decisions must be made by hearing out from those 20 million people as well. Simply put, WE NEED A NATIONAL REFERENDUM.


I have been analyzing the political stalemate for years and every time I watch the major political parties fighting to get their ideologies imprinted in the constitution and subsequently failing in the process, I ask myself-Why don’t they ever leave it up to the citizens to decide for themselves? After all, the constitution has to benefit the denizens in the long run! Surely, the political factions would argue that since they were elected by the Nepalese themselves, the idea of conducting a referendum is out of the question. That is never the case for us as we have experienced countless events that depicted ‘the chosen ones’ forgot the reason we voted for them. Their selfish desires continues to live on as a legacy and a foundation to cease the very existence of sending them as country’s representatives.

Now that we have already conducted two Constituent Assembly Elections and are still quarreling over division of states on the basis of caste, we are left to question if, indeed, development ever came as a major political agenda for our elected gentlemen. Referendum is hence necessary. Had the politicians conducted a national referendum four years back and asked us on what basis we wanted to divide our country, we would have given out our opinions. Then they could easily bring the constitution. But they were too stubborn to hear our opinions. And they are still deciding how to damage more chairs inside the Constituent Assembly instead of making blueprints for a prosperous first world Nepal.

Referendum is the pivotal step if we are to avoid civil war inside the country. Because the way our four political parties have stood firm in just discussing their own ideologies and thereby avoided to hear opinions from experts implies that the new constitution is only for them and their relatives, not for the common Nepalese. Common people can lead the country and seek the development that they discuss during tea breaks. We will make it easy for the political parties without conducting any strikes and without coming out of the meeting hall disappointed from the opposition parties.

Please, Nepal government, hold a referendum and we will clarify all the issues hindering the writing of a new constitution. You have seen the unity of Nepali inclusive of all races, castes, sub castes, gender, geographical regions and so on when they helped each other in the aftermath of the Great earthquake. We don’t care which group the affected people belong as it is tiny compared to our ideology that first and foremost, THEY ARE NEPALI-OUR VERY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!


Two days ago, I visited Lakeside and the place took me by surprise. The place seemed deserted with no human movements at all. Few people were audacious enough to open their shops and spend their day. Most of the locals were not in the mood for anything new nor did they seem interactive. Some of the shops were closed as Indian and Chinese owners returned to their home countries.

As a resident of Pokhara, I could not tolerate the fact that the city that was embellished in night lights every time I visited it was no more the same. People closed their shops by 8 o’clock. Restaurants stopped playing music and not a single resident could be seen hanging around in the once vibrant city.


View of Lakeside as seen on Thursday, June 4

The popularity went a record low as the tourists cancelled their reservations for an indefinite period. As a city that relied more on its natural landscapes foreseeing the Annapurna Range, the post earthquake scenario crippled the city’s economic status. The earthquake was not to blame for the major part as the tourists continued to roam the place even after the April 25 earthquake, but the fact that the international media totally misinterprated the situation at Pokhara, including other tourist spots, justified the tourists’ cancellations to visit Nepal.


I want to remind you that Pokhara was safe even when the first major earthquake striked, with every buildings within the vicinity of the city safe and sound. The consequent aftershocks did little damage than just to develop minor cracks in the walls. Pokhara is safe enough to be included in your vacation plans. I urge you to visit my beautiful city and bring along your family and friends. If you are scared just because you saw 10 districts severely affected by the earthquake, I have enough reasons to justify that the 65 districts are totally safe and we need you to bring back to the state it was in before the quake. You can immediately head to Pokhara once you land in Tribhuvan International Airport. We Pokhrelis know that had we had our own international airport, the number of tourists would exponentially grow to revive our tourism business. And we are continuously working despite the disaster.
I plead anyone reading this post to please pack your belongings and head to Nepal. It will be the greatest relief operation that you guys will be opting and we will promise to deliver with the ubiquitous hospitality that we are famous for. I thank you for the thousands of donations you have made to various organizations and send in mattresses and tents for the homeless. For the long term, you know we can’t just depend on your donations. Our livelihood must be sustained. We have to raise our families and provide hope for the next generations that hope was never lost.
Please, visit Nepal and being a Pokhreli, make it your priority. The hotel owners have brought out heavy discounts, with upto 50%, because they know that you will answer their pleas. And I believe that you will not disappoint us. The Annapurna Trekking Route is safe and if you still have doubts, I can clear them up by helping you connect with the trekkers and if necessary, provide a live feed of the area.
Let us celebrate VISIT POKHARA 2015/16 and make it the grandest of all adventures. Let us go on a trek to the Poon Hill and get a majestic panorama of the Annapurna Range. Let us boat our way to the Barahi Temple and The World Peace Stupa through Phewa Lake and make it a legendary weekend. We are there to extend your holidays and make sure that you get the best from our city.
Please, Visit Pokhara!! Or help spread the word…