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I love Quora. The wealth of authentic answers that I read from intelligentsia users has broadened my knowledge to a great extent. But lately, I have come across some disturbing questions that question the national integrity of Nepal and hence that has made me mad enough to report such stupid questions to the Quora team. Questions such as “Is Nepal poor?”, “Is Nepal dying?”, “What if Madhes becomes a separate state/ the next Crimea?” and “What if Nepal becomes a country like Macau and Hong Kong that are partially controlled by China?” By now, I know that most of you have been injected with hatred and anger that such questions do get posted and there are people who do want answers to such ridiculous questions. But I am not going to discuss all of these questions in detail here for all they have a common reason to seek attention among some Nepali folks.

The reason is pretty subtle. Since the day we were born, everything we were taught was taught in an unproductive way. Now, you guys just tell me, if our books and all the people around us have nothing to depict our country but only poor then won’t we be susceptible to believe that what we had been part of was always a poor country with no hopes of ever climbing to the developed world category? It is obvious. We are treating Nepal the wrong way. Most of our social science books start with the statement “Nepal is second richest country in terms of water but it is really poor when it comes to hydro power production.” Or “There are huge possibilities to develop Nepal but it is poor enough to make any progress in any possible front.” Now just modify these statements a little: “Nepal is the richest country in terms of water resources and we are making sure that we get the second spot as well in hydro power production. It is down to us to make sure we turn it into reality at any cost. No matter the circumstances, WE ARE GONNA MAKE OUR COUNTRY THE BEST.” Now, the impact is revolutionary. Every kid who understands the statement is made to believe that Nepal is in the pathway to evergreen development. He then makes sure to contribute to the process in every possible way whether he becomes an engineer, an accountant, a manager or in any way that guides Nepal to the top.

Let me tell you guys- Nepal is NOT poor. It never was and it never will be. But it is our thoughts that are turning against us. Want me to give an example? What adjectives do first come in your mind when some foreigner asks about our country? Poor, corrupt, undeveloped, poor quality of life, dejected or polluted. Don’t bluff but these adjectives are what you picture first. To save you the trouble, you begin to highlight about the Himalayas, audacious Gorkhali soldiers, Gautam Buddha, Sagarmatha, Annapurna/Everest Treks, thousands of temples, and so on. But deep down, all the adjectives you think are negative. Just the words you speak aren’t. Patriotism saved you.

Hospitality: The quality that outclasses the notion that Nepal is poor.  Source:

Hospitality: The quality that outclasses the notion that Nepal is poor. Source:

Maybe it is your fault that you have lost hope in developing Nepal. Ok, it is not yours. Maybe it is mine. Seriously. Yeah, I admit that I am at fault. I am just lazily writing this post censuring the bad aspects of Nepal when I should have gone out and get involved in building a school for children in rural areas or teach the families that their children should not completely take care of the household matters or of their siblings but instead should get enrolled full time in the nearby school. That could have made a difference. Instead, I am once again continuing to criticize my own country.

Nepal is not poor. Look around. Everywhere we look, deep down, we know that progress has to be made. There are infinite ways to make a living and really commit ourselves to start a development revolution. Ok, ok, I understand. There is not a stable government. There is not a constitution to begin with. I admit that these are crucial but these are just excuses that our school level books have sprouted in our minds when they put in a question: What are the reasons Nepal is poor? That word once again. We should not worry about the strikes impeding the development. Commitment has to exponentially increase and action must be taken immediately. We should not hesitate to invest in development projects. Maybe with a bit of stubborn nature, we can outclass the political pressure and move towards development era.

Nepal is not poor. Haress, pheri yaar. I have heard numerous accounts that our country tops when it comes to hospitality and smiling at the strangers. See, we are rich. We need to change our mindset. Just go out there and make a difference. Maybe my blog is contributing to some percentage. Maybe you can start an organization, maybe a Youtube channel to promote Nepal’s greatness. Anything that can eradicate the question “Is Nepal really poor?” from Quora.

I beg you guys to love our country and make an impact. I beg you guys to never regret when your kids ask the country you came from and what you did to help climb the nation higher than the Everest. I beg you guys to please, please never ever ask the question “Is Nepal really poor?” but instead yell out “Yeah, this is the country that I lived in and boy, it’s the Best Wonder of the World!” I beg you to transform the way your families think about Nepal. I beg you to convince them they too are responsible to turn their dreams into reality and should act but not only complain by saying “My time is over, son. I could not do anything and am too old to do something new. I leave the rest to you.” Nothing is over. I beg you to learn how South Korea became the nation we all know now when it was in a worse situation than we ever were.

I beg you please never tag our country poor. We all are at fault. One day, I want you guys to believe and say wholeheartedly, “This is the country that people once lost their hopes of development. But our mindsets transformed and look son, where we are now. There are still more to be done. Let’s get going.”




Legend has it that Budhanilkantha enjoyed  Valentine’s day bash with perennial romantic expressions expressed across the senior high schoolers embellishing poetic and bombastic words just to prank each other via love letters. Never had such an activity created an uproar that could potentially be regarded genuine. Eyewitnesses claimed that the surprising twist of the tale was the response garnered from the folks who wrote such convincing love letters that the intended receiver would instantly accept the proposal!
All right, I was making too much of a scene here. But, the incidents are 100% accurate. So accurate that even the mastermind behind the legend, Mukesh, can attest to what I have described.
Oops, hehe, I guess I have already leacked some critical information here. But, I don’t have anything to lose because this post is all about the inside story of a legend that even your great great grandchildren will chuckle when they hear about their grandfather’s/grandmother’s high school mischief. Aren’t I right?
As far as I know, I first knew about the plan when Tanab stormed into Rajat’s cubicle, where I usually ran some gaffe to break monotony, and called for me. I was puzzled as on the way to Byasrishi house, he was constantly hinting about mischiefs planned in the near future by my prankster friends, Mukesh, Prabesh and Nimesh, to name a few, and never revealing the core issue about it. When I entered our cubicle, Dhruba, my BC24 teammate, opened up about it and it left me more determined. Well, determined in a sense that, at least once in my school life I was gonna write a love letter for my anonymous friend. Anonymous because I was still unaware about the terms and conditions applied. At the same time, I was delighted to make the letter work and make sure they fall for each other (well, that was the main reason was for my acceptance to the ‘Sojho Fatahaa’ team) and happily live ever after. (Seriously??)
The deal, as I later discovered was to list a group of folks who have never quite been on any sorts of record books in the school and who were so sincere to be even questioned about their involvements in such activities, if any teacher found out. I don’t know how, but I was admitted into this team! Yeah, now it was all about business. The ‘Cytosine Guanine Gang’ alerted!
Fourteen of us were enrolled and it was decided that every one of us would write a love letter for any one of the remaining thirteen of us. No one was allowed to leak about the writer and his recipient.  And what’s more, it must be sent on Valentine’s Day itself. Such a great idea, right? Well, in my case and my partner in crime, Dhruba, it was exactly what we wanted.
Few days before V-day, I told Dhruba that the plan to deliver the letter on the specified date was outrageous as it would not last and there would be no happy ending, just ‘once upon a time’ thing. I then told him that we ought to start it early and make it grand. He agreed and later that night, we stayed late to think of all the beautiful expressions that could make our letter work and crafted our own versions. Next day, the school had a session to relay the information about the Trial exams for our A level exams. Dhruba and I had our letters in our pockets and we were waiting for that chance. After it was over, and since it was already evening, we paced ourselves to reach for our recipients. And we made sure it reached where it was intended. However, there was a slight glitch. The recipient was not there and we gave it to another girl. But she knew something’s fishy and decided to deliver it to our recipients despite her correct hunch.
The love letter received by the mastermind himself, Mukesh! Photo Credit: Nimesh’s leaked collection
And the next day, well, it was legendary. There were series of blushes exchanged between our targets and the letters they were meant for. We were excited as it started making headlines among our circles in classrooms and on our way to our house. As for our targets, they had their day very romantically enjoyed and got what they never wished for (or did they wish?)! Imagine it yourself, a girl gets blushed in front of that guy even though she knows it was a fake and the guy is scrutinizing for the possible culprit among our group! Just similar to the Nepali movies with some villains in the way of his love. Sounds promising, right?
Maybe the way I and Dhruba diverted from the original plan made the day for my target very memorable and it continued till this day that he messaged me for the initiation I promised and Mukesh for the mastermind and thanked us both as it was more memorable for him than the memories he had with my recipient. Ahem ahem.
Over the next few days, our group suspected us and knew that we were tantamount to traitors. Ooooo. But they enjoyed it so much that they themselves began to file their letters and turned them over. Midway through our plans, my friends exclusive of the Cytosine Guanine gang, began to trade letters anonymously and crafted such a daring letter that it made my letter of little significance. The number of blushes registered were directly proportional to the square of the number of people involved to make that letter work. All throughout the school, batch-mates were making a fun out of anyone who were deemed exaggeratedly handsome or beautiful. I even picked a special letter dedicated to Aawaz headed ‘The rocking chair guy’ that influenced him so much that he had requested me to investigate the sender. Well, I didn’t. But it sure looked like he became a great fan of the sender. Haha. Funny times.
Slowly, the dining hall looked like a place to blink eye to the other guy at the far end. Hooting rose to such an extent that 3000 D, the seniormost batch, got an overwhelming attention and even teachers had a difficult time coping with the situation. The school’s main gate flurried with guys teasing gals and vice versa. Some targets sat alongside the recipients in the classroom and even looked like they had dated for a long time! Most importantly, our batch enjoyed it to the fullest.
As more of the stealth group members recipients’ increased and slowly my turn awaited, the anticipation left me cautious. However, I briefly enjoyed the moment as Samman cautioned me to take care regarding the matter (he didn’t know it was just a prank). All of a sudden, the moments you laughed at when your friends’ turn came,  turned against you and you are forced to analyze the inside of the story and find the culprit! Hahahhah. And then another letter haunts your buddies in your house and it becomes so trite that you forget it also impacted you for the rest of the day.
The valentine bash continued until we were well into celebrating School Day. Some of the fake couple visited different sections of the school arena together and enjoyed a moment of a lifetime. After all, it was just a prank to make the batch more cheerful and leave the school with a story to brag about for the rest of their lives.
The project’s masterminds, initiated by Mukesh and Prabesh, and with Nimesh as the special promoter of this event, are thanked time and again for making 3000D bring out the creativity that they never knew had existed when it came to writing love letters and delivering it by spraying their deo/perfume and stitching roses into the letters. The plan mainly comprised of these members: me, Dhruba, Sunil, Pratik, Nimesh, Mukesh, Prabesh, Sagar, Aawaz, Ranjit, Amrit (bhande), Prerak and Bikash. I don’t have the permission to print out the names of the girls who were the recipients in the act.
Well, that is the behind the scenes story of the legend. It was a life long cherishable incident as the whole batch enjoyed a transient Valentine’s Day prank and made a reason even for the ones who had never celebrated it a day that they had to admit had celebrated to the fullest. Thank you all of those involved!

Thank you 3000 D guys and gals! We hope to exchange more of that next year. Just kidding. Hehe.


“Hang on, Sarthak!” I yelled as I was forced to save my buddy from falling off the cliff. It was a coincidence that Sarthak could still breathe and was in good mental state after what he had been through. The bullet had narrowly missed the heart as it made his cleavage the unintended target.

The masked man was desperate to land the bullet into my head thereby leaving any traces of eyewitnesses. Or maybe, he knew somewhere in his heart that I had known his deep secret and could instantly wipe out the fame that he had garnered in the underground world. Maybe, the anonymity that he made his power was, he hypothesized, a suicide weapon if words came out about his illustrious academic career turned mafia business.
“Daniel, I am sorry that, ahem ahem, I couldn’t assist you in rescuing your lover,” Sarthak coughed with intermittent pauses in between,”but, I have some information that will help you in your mission.”
“Sarthak, don’t talk! Just wait for a moment. Maybe I can climb up the cliff and spot a stranger to rescue us.” I was in no mood to listen to the advice that Sarthak was describing. How could I? I had known him for the past twenty years. 
“Oie, oie, there is no reason to cry. Once we are born, we all ought to die. I had never thought that he would return as a serial killer. I have little time left here. So, listen carefully. During my post graduate years, I had engineered a zoned-out machine that can interconnect the reality with zoned-out universe that you experience. The government confiscated the machine and kept it in the laboratory located at Tadapani, Kaski. However, only the Rudra Bros are capable of infiltrating such a state of the art lab,” Sarthak hadn’t known that his time was ending up.
“Why are you so relaxed at this moment, Sarthak? I will never erase you from my mind,” I hadn’t realized that tears were already flowing from my eyes.
“I guess this is the end. Good bye, Dan.”
Sarthak had let go off my foot. I was numb as I watched him fly in the air.
“Saaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk……..,” my words echoed across the mountainous terrains until I did not see any trace of him. 
Seventy-two hours earlier…
Sarthak as featured on the national magazine “Zoned-Out” Issue:4
“Welcome to my lab, Daniel.” Sarthak introduced me to his recently postulated theory about the possible inception of implanting ideas in the zoned-out universe. 
“Since when had you known about my abilities?”
“Ever since I stepped my foot in Budhanilkantha twenty three years ago,” Sarthak said.
Suddenly, I heard footsteps coming from another room. The room was pitch dark and I couldn’t see anything. The air suddenly became dense and noises were beginning to cancel out. I never felt such an intense atmosphere in my life. 
“What’s happening, Sarthak?” I questioned my friend in the sudden change of the situation. 
“I am in dilemma. It’s strange that my infrared security camera did not pick him up. There’s something going on here.” Sarthak’s breath immediately grew dense.
Across the hallway, I saw a figure that I sensed I had met him somewhere in my life. As he neared, the footsteps grew more strong and slowly the figure started to take shape. He sat in the chair next to us. With a rigid stare, he called out my name. 
 With a rigid stare, he called out my name. 
“How’s life going on, Daniel? Perhaps you have forgotten me, but I have not. Not ever since you mocked at my own zoned-out fantasies!” the masked man said as if he knew me pretty well.
“Sarthak, who is he?” I asked.
“Try to remember, Daniel.”
As I started to inspect the masked figure, I knew who he was. 
“Sunil??” I mumbled.
“Is it that I didn’t hear properly or are you making a fun of my old name? Sunil is no more here. I am SATRA…RAA..AAAA. Haaaaaahaaah ahhaa haa ha”