Listening to soundtracks is the first thing that I do when I want to concentrate in a work that I am currently doing. The pleasure I derive from this act is matched by none. The ambient atmosphere that I feel when listening to soundtracks helps me to focus and give my best in completing the assignment at hand.

Songs are in a completely different stage than soundtracks. They influence us to memorize the words and sing along with them. This way, we lose concentration in our work and, instead, we try our best to learn the lyrics. We all have experienced this phenomena wherein we memorize a song after listening to it for a certain number of times. There is no way of knowing that we are in control of our present situation as it seems that the song is desperate to stay in our conscience for a pretty long period of time. In other words, the lyrics are addictive and can contribute to losing concentration if we are completing our course assignments.

However, since soundtracks have no lyrics attached to them, we are not distracted. Whenever I work on my homework assignments, I have made it my habit to listen to soundtracks from YouTube or Spotify. Time seems to stop when I listen to playlists as I am glued to the rhythm of the tracks and the beautiful melodies created from a mix of musical instruments or by even using crazy mediums such as a glass of half-filled water.

Soundtracks need incredible amount of time to make them appeal to a wide audience. They literally need to pierce our hearts and change our state of mind in order to make a lasting impression. Also, since music is an industry, composers make sure that their works deserve attention from the listeners and motivate them to produce even more soundtracks that stir our imagination and lift our moods.


One of my favorite soundtrack album! (Image credit:

Mostly, I listen to soundtracks from anime shows and popular composers from the movies that I have watched. I love listening to the Official Sound Tracks (OSTs) from anime such as Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and Death Note. These two shows provide me with such a great list of soundtracks that I listen to them on repeat mode for an entire day. Death Note’s OSTs are my favorite pick as all of them are equally soothing and exhilarating. There is a playlist from YouTube channel EpicAnimeRequiem of the best soundtracks of Death Note which I encourage you to listen. My other OSTs from the anime include Code Geass: Continued Story, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni: Dear You, Anohana: Secret Base, Angel Beats: Ichiban No Takaramono, Code Geass: Madder Sky and Cowboy Bebop: The Real Folk Blues. I also listen to some OSTs from One Piece and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. When listening to these soundtracks, they increase my productivity, reduce stress and avoid negative emotions.

As for the non-anime soundtracks, I prefer listening to all of the tracks composed by Hans Zimmer and my best composing company, Two Steps From Hell. They both produce epic soundtracks that just relax my body, decrease fatigue and improve motor reflexes. Since I am a big fan of Batman, Zimmer’s work in the Dark Knight Trilogy appeals to my music taste. Also, I highly regard all of his OSTs featured in Christopher Nolan’s movies, most notably from Inception and Interstellar. They are simply astounding. As for TSFH, I love the soundtracks from its album SkyWorld. Occasionally, I listen to this playlist from YouTube channel Epic Music VN as they have some of the best soundtracks from popular online video games and movies. This does not mean that I do not listen anything except the ones mentioned above. There are many movies that have appealing soundtracks which I listen every once in a while.

Soundtracks have become an integral part of my life just as songs once were. With no lyrics to hum often, they help me to complete my tasks without any disturbances. I highly value the time that composers dedicate in creating heart warming soundtracks. Their devotion to craft tracks encourages me to push out of the comfort zone and value passion and time to craft my own products. I highly recommend readers to listen to soundtracks and discover the benefits that they can inculcate in our lives.




I am a cartoon/manga addict. It’s a truth that I have embraced and practiced throughout my life. The context of imagining life without dwelling on creative plots and a flurry of imaginative scenarios remains out of question for me. That is why I hate people who detest these series just because they are ‘cartoons’ and ‘shouldn’t be watched by grown ups’. I had compiled my top ten cartoons list in the initial stages of my blogging venture but had quite surprisingly failed to note the impact that One Piece has brought to my life. I affirm that the series comes close to other manga series such as Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail when it comes to popularity but, in my opinion, One Piece beats them.

One piece is about a devil fruit user named Monkey D. Luffy who with his rubber powers aims to be the Pirate King and be the rightful owner of ‘One Piece’, a collection of all the treasures that Pirate King Gold Roger had in his life and which was left at the end of the island called Raftel in the Grand Line. A pirate age enveloped the world when Gold Roger spoke of the treasure as his dying wish in Loguetown. Now, Luffy and his eight crew members, sail through the seas and into the mercurial Grand Line where they meet strange devil fruit users and challenge to battles and make their way forward.

The Straw Hats crew

                      The Straw Hats crew

Most of us categorize pirates as dangerous hooligans but Straw Hats are the antithesis of this. Adamant in his aim to pursuit One Piece, Luffy makes sure that every challenges are overcome by the crew no matter what. And that is the most captivating quality that the crew possesses. They are resilient and beat the hell out of monstrous pirates or the Navy whose sole aim is to capture all the pirates that are causing ruckus in the world. Be it the pirate who caused anarchy in Alabasta or the Shichibukai (warlord pirate) who has a penchant to steal shadows, Luffy and his crew make sure that the victims do not have to suffer like they have suffered before. In other words, they have a soft spot for people who have been terrorized by the evil doings of pirates or to some extent, even the Navy.

One Piece encapsulates the necessity to make amends to the society through the actions that Straw Hat pirates take on their course to achieve their separate aims. Zoro dreams to be the best swordsman, Nami ventures to map the whole world, Usopp aspires to be the sharpest shooter, Sanji is lured by the All Blue legend, Chopper decides to be the best doctor, Robin swears to study the world’s history and examine the 100 year void, Brook lives to fulfill the promise he made when he entered Grand Line, and Franky heats up to make his self-built ship reach the end of Grand Line. They all have different ambitions, but such is the stubbornness towards fulfilling their dreams that they don’t care if they have to cross any lines or fear that their wanted posters surge in their price. As an audience, it is very inspiring to push you towards your limits as the manga teaches you that nothing can stop you from fulfilling your dreams.

Most of the mangas (comics that are released in Japan) bear a common quality that echo the mentalities of their main characters and it is friendship. A quality that has been portrayed in such a compelling emotional gesture that it is hard to put down reading one if you start on a manga reading/watching spree. One Piece depicts friendship in a truly spectacular ways with scenes of betrayal, rescue missions from hell (Enies Lobby), and faith and trust towards the captain that it is impossible to go along with the emotional weight and shed tears in your face. In some of the scenes, you just can’t put an end to tears and have difficulty in muttering a single word. The emotions such as ecstasy, joy, faith, rage, outburst, and determination steal the show and the show just maintains this emotional level throughout the series without interrupting the anticipation that you have built since the last episode.

Characters that have appeared in One Piece. (Image credit:

Characters that have appeared in One Piece.        (Image credit:

When you are a big fan of anything, you want it to last forever. And One Piece does just that. The characters that Eiichiro Oda has created bring out more action scenes and the fight seems to never end. Straw Hats have built such a large circle of friends and enemies that you never get tired of guessing what would happen next. It is this very quality of One Piece that I believe edges out other manga series or even American cartoons. Right now, One Piece has crossed just over 50% of its story in its eighteenth year in print. An amazing feat considering the fact that many of the other manga barely cross fifteen years in print. For an avid fan like me, it makes a perfect sense as I can still relish the adventures of Straw Hat Pirates for the next ten years or even more than that.

For those of you who quite don’t know that such a manga/series existed, go google it or watch it or read it. And I bet it may turn out to be the best series (animated or non-animated) that you have ever experienced till date. When I told my friend Nimesh who was a die-hard Naruto fan that Naruto is nothing compared to One Piece, he had laughed at me. Now, he thanks me often for the entertainment that gets packed in reading/watching One Piece. So just grab a copy of One Piece and who knows that you will have a similar experience to share with me?



I am proud to call myself “The biggest die hard Batman fan!” You guys heard that. But you can’t quiz me on the details of the episodes of its Cartoon Network shows or the illustrations on the Batman comics so far.

Batman stands as a symbol of fighting against crimes and bringing justice to the citizens of Gotham City in the DC universe. Fans, in particular, revere the character that Bob Kane created with his meticulous precision in the development of the character and the portrayal of the events unfolded in the Batverse thereby being strongly linked with our reality. Batman, Wayne, Gordon, Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Ra’s Al Ghul, Talia and Two-Face/Dent are characters whose psychologies strongly resemble the authentic human world. For example, Batman’s stand against crime adhering to his principles to never ever kill anyone in doing so is an exemplary attitude that policemen alike, or anyone who gets involved in enforcing laws, can practice in their duties. Joker, on the other hand, is largely a resemblance of the ego that we manifest in every events of our lives. Joker’s character hints at the psychotic side of our lives as we try to get over our megalomaniac realms of life. More of such stand out characteristics are discussed in detail on this video.

The Best Superhero there is! Because He’s Batman!! Photo source:

For me, Batman stands out as a source of inspiration. I have been a big fan of Batman since my childhood when Batman and Robin took to the center stage often in the Cartoon Network series or when I was too addicted in playing its video games. Although I watched almost all of the other cartoons, there was none that appealed like Batman did. The husky Batman tone, Alfred Pennnigton’s dedication to Master Wayne, Lucius Fox’s captivating managerial skills and Commissioner Gordon’s depiction of Batman as the one who would restore justice are typical characteristics pertaining to the reasons most people enjoy watching Batman. And so do I.

Bruce Wayne, a billionaire philanthropist, claims to be a savior of corrupted Gotham City as he struggles to bring law and order to the place. I share moments of ecstasies as he demonstrates the reasons he is by far the best fictional character who ought to be real. Batman’s professionalism on garnering all the martial arts, his mastery of dialects in Russian, Mandarin, French, German to name a few and the best of all, the wit he gathers to outsmart almost anyone are some of the typical Batman moments that leaves me wanting for more. Moreover, Bruce’s intellect drives him to create sophisticated weapons in a limited time frame that would take years for people like us to put our hands on.

Batman instills confidence to take our chances at anything and have a go in our lives. There’s something about Batman’s world that leaves us crazy every time we try to decode what’s in store in the show. He steals the spotlight in solving mysteries, designing and inventing intricate machines, and thrusting an adrenaline rush every time I watch him. Sometimes, I pretend to be Batman myself and copy his signature tone to impress the crowd. Other times, I become so mad at the franchise that every time he has a guest appearance in other cartoons, Scooby-Doo to cite an example, I am supercharged and am forced to yell in honor of my favorite character.

After Christopher Nolan directed the “Batman Trilogy” starring Christian Bale, the franchise took onto a whole new level. Fans were delighted that the movie justified the character and were particularly impressed at the way Nolan balanced other characters’ parts in the plot. For me, it too was the best thing that could ever happen in my life. Yeah, in my life! Because the way Nolan intertwined Hans Zimmer’s soundtracks, it was too awesome. Whenever disputes arose among Batman and Ironman fans in my batch, we used the stunning plots and the gripping soundtracks to put the debate in our favor. Sometimes, the disputes nearly turned into a row as tensions arose between the two groups.

Even in the Justice League, Batman is the best of them all. Whenever Superman or Martian Manhunter are out of ideas, they depend on Batman’s intelligence. And as a fan, you are too delighted to share the moment. The JLA series that was aired on Cartoon Network had promising reviews and the show ended with applause from fans worldwide. But, I still feel emotional as it failed to develop the relationship that Batman had with Wonder Woman.

The best portrayal that I have seen of Batman and one which appeals in a comical way are the videos published by the You tube channel “How It Should Have Ended” The video’s filled with professional Batman voice and a lot of funny conversations with Superman. But Batman stands out because as he himself justifies: “Because I’m Batman!”.

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