Quora is a question and answer platform founded by Adam D. Angelo and Charlie Cheever. It was founded in…All right, you can check its full story by searchin… Nah, not by searching in Google but by asking it in Quora. Yes, not by searching in your search engine but by asking Adam D. Angelo in Quora. It really is possible to ask a company’s founder in Quora. You cannot do that elsewhere. Besides, have you ever got a chance to ask the founder of Wikipedia? If not, then Quora is there. Sign in and ask Jimmy Wales any question that you have. Or are you wondering whether he is a Wikipedia user? No, he is the real founder. The point I am trying to make is that Quora has much more to offer than just asking real questions from the very exact people you want to ask.

Most of us have embraced the social media culture and used them in a daily basis. We tend to scroll down our page to check if there are any new Facebook status that we can like or make a silly comment on, search for sentences that are less than 140 characters or venture into the world of selfies. In my case, I have limited myself to only messaging on Facebook as I cannot avoid the fact that every single human connection I ever formed are in Facebook. I have forgotten what my Twitter account looks like. I do not have any Instagram account since I do not have a flair for taking selfie photos with all the silly poses. Something made me realize that it was a complete waste of time waiting for your friend to post something new and getting ready to ‘like’ it. That something was Quora.

I was introduced to Quora by my friend Rajnish who noticed how I had spent my time reading 140 character tweets and sometimes, articles from Arseblog. Then, he forced me to signup in Quora. I hesitated. I had thought that all social media served the same purpose. I was wrong. The next day, I signed up. Days passed and I removed all my social media apps in my smartphone because I spent the entire day enjoying the beauty of Quora. I thanked Rajnish for introducing me to this world of authentic encyclopedia.

My Reading list in Quora.

My Reading list in Quora.

Quora is a platform where you learn new things. The community comprises of users who have real experiences to the topic you are following. You can ask any question that you want to and get authentic and interesting answer to quench your thirst. Follow the topics and the people you always hear about in the newspaper and get inspired when they answer questions. Or you can share your expertise in any field and become a top writer in that topic (currently, I am a top writer in “One Piece.” Just bragging.). Contribute more so that you can brag when you eventually become a Quora Top Writer ’16. Unlike other social media accounts where the celebrity asks his company to look after his account and post on his behalf, users in Quora manage their own account and answer professionally.

If you are someone who wants to learn new things and cannot wait for others to post something, then Quora is the place you need to be. The answers enlighten you and, sometimes the success stories of popular figures such as Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors, make you feel that there is still something you are missing in your life. Basically, the knowledge you gather up-voting answers in Quora or adding your favorite answers to your reading list boosts your spirit and commends the time that you wisely spend. The vast topics that you try to devour propels you to understand more about your surrounding. Is not that interesting? Absolutely. For me, I can talk an entire day about its impact in my life.

If you already have a Quora account, I thank you for being a part of a community of curious individuals. For those of you who do not have one and are not aware of its addictive (in a positive sense, of course!) characteristics, I strongly urge you to sign up and spend more time learning new things than logging into Facebook every five minutes to see the number of likes in your profile picture. Please, please, please, join Quora and spread the word about its benefits. I hope to follow you in Quora and vice versa! Share your stories about how joining Quora has transformed you ever since. I promise you that it will influence your life and career. Enjoy Quora!



  1. Contrary to popular belief, Jimmy Wales is not “founder” of Wikipedia (see Larry Sanger). And, he will not answer any question on Quora. If the question is too critical of him, the question will be deleted and Marc Bodnick will ban the user from Quora. This has been documented.

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