I have watched numerous English serials. Serials such as Castle, White Collar, Sherlock, The Simpsons, Prison Break, House MD, Lie To Me, HIMYM and Friends have been my favourites while some such as My Family, Undercover Boss, Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon remain my casual picks. Each of these serials and few others that have not crossed my mind right now have taught me various valuable lessons.

Some of these serials baffle my senses with ingenuity, some take me into the world of medicine, some lure me with a creative partnership between a fiction mystery writer and a detective, some showcase the inthinkable symbiosis between an FBI agent and an ex-con artist, some take off monotony from my life and take me to a laughter marathon. Each serial just takes my breath away. Both literally and figuratively.

There is so much to learn about the creative plots and suspense that gets built up as you watch their episodes. Moreover, the flavours each serial cook up is refreshing than ever. Different scenarios, different identities, different cases, different tensions that get built up between the protagonists. You name it. It’s all totally awesome. That is why I love to search the best series out there based on the reviews that they get or from my circle of serial addicts. It is synonymous to venturing to a new world.


A snapshot of ABC’s Castle.

Watching serials is a must. Movies are a short term entertainment that lasts from an hour to three. But serials are completely different. Most of these either last 20 minutes or 45 minutes. And if you are watching from the channels, the anticipation of a new episode really haunts you. Maybe a day. Maybe a week.

When you have a collection, either through your peer circles or from DVDs, marathon viewing is the best way to relieve those moments. You scrutinize every miniscule details and build up your own conclusion. You don’t get tired about losing the storyline even for a split second as you aren’t restricted to watching ads. You just need to wait few seconds, and not a day/a week, before you get on to the next episode. Just pause, rewind, fast forward(don’t do that please) and play. Your daily serial digest at your service.

I advise you to build a serial watching habit. Trust me, you will dwell your mind into infinite imaginative plots. And it’s more fruitful than scrolling your pages to read what your Facebook ‘friends’ are up to.

If you think that watching serials is a waste of time, I understand that you are referring to the boring trite family rows that get showcased in most of the Indian serials and mostly watched by your mother/spouse. It just means that you have not walked outside of the comfort zone. Basically you have been punished by the boredom. And that’s why watching serials produced by ABC, CBS, FOX, USA and BBC are better and cooler. It does not let your time go to waste.

So next time you think about ways to pass your time, watch any of the aforementioned great shows and you will thank me for the great advice. Let’s start a serial marathon!


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