If you stumbled here thinking that I would talk about the protests held by the opposition parties in Nepal, it’s just a coincidence. I don’t intend to analyze the strikes that are  organized whenever demands are not met. Nor am I here to brief on the hunger strike that was categorized successful given the mass support from the medical fields and the locals.

I have witnessed thousands of such bandhs. They all bear one common nasty quality: vandalization of public properties to the fullest. But what if, we organized a protest that would be supported by 99% of Nepalese? Wouldn’t that be great if it is for the benefit of the whole country? I thought about it and just seriously thought about it, so serious that I think it is a much better alternative than the ongoing ones. A Cleanliness Strike!

Yeah, you guys read that absolutely fine. A strike that is absolutely crucial if we are to make a nice image of Nepal to the outside world. We have always dreamt Nepal coming close to the most clean country in the world. A feat that is not impossible if we analyzed the level of cleanliness maintained throughout the organization of SAARC Summit in November. It covered the news headlines more than any other events. People questioned the capacity that Nepal had because they had never experienced it. To some, it felt like being a pedestrian of a developed country.

Now, for just one day, were we to organize a Cleanliness Strike, wouldn’t our country change its landscape? Our wildest imaginations would turn into miracles. But this time, citizens will not comment on the miracles because they themselves will be a part of it.


When we take part in an event actively, we bear responsibility towards it. And that is the exact philosophy that must be cultivated in our citizens. Let the cleanliness strike be mandatory enough that even the lazy ones will flood the streets, even the politicians will feel ashamed that it is much better than vandalizing public properties, even the tourists will applaud at the new initiative and force them to prolong their stay, even the children will feel responsible to clean their cities, narrow passageways, and maybe even turn it into a week long revolution. Every denizens will find it hard to resist the temptation to stay back at their homes complaining that it is just for a day and tomorrow all will be back to where it was.

The best part is that Nepalese will realize that nothing was impossible. Their participation will justify that their attitude ought to be changed to see noteworthy developments. And voila, the strike would completely change the mindset of the Nepalese. Maybe in the next five years, we may come close to matching South Korea’s and Singapore’s emergence into a developed country? After all, we are free to dream, aren’t we? We just have to believe that it will work.

For the strike to be successful, no one must be allowed to rest back at home or cancel their active participation in the event. Then, at the end of the day, who knows our country will be credited in the international media for organizing a weird but fruitful event? After all, we have been dreaming about it since decades.

Let’s hope that it gets organized one day, because sometimes all it takes is one stupid crazy idea to be implemented and the next thing you know, it will prove more than just a miracle. Happy Cleanliness Strike folks!



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