Nothing. Uh, oh, did I surprise you? That wasn’t the type of answer you expected given the amount of time you have seen school prefects devote to the overall development of the school. What if I told you that all this time you were fooled with their appearance? Lo and behold, as I tell you the inside story of the developments taking place among a bunch of elected leaders sitting in a round table.

I had the pleasure to regularly attend the meetings as a School Prefect back in 2012/2013. It was more like a ritual to cleanse some elements of our school and discuss some developments that were required and analyze that had already taken place.

I remember our first meeting was basically an introduction calling out for pragmatic developments in the school. We had just been handed over with the responsibilities…. Ok, I apologize for digressing away from my topic.

Usually, Rajat, 3000D’s school captain, scheduled a prefects’ meeting whenever he felt necessary because that was what we ought to do! Seriously. When he told one of the prefects, they would be informed and within five minutes, no one would have been left. As simple as that.

During the meal breaks, we would randomly guess what the agenda of the meeting would be but we always failed. It turned out that our best guess on “Reviewing SRK’s latest flicks” was never discussed. That was the antithesis attitude of the captain who claimed to be the biggest fan! We were not disappointed.

On our way to the venue, we met our friends and exchanged just “hello” “hi” “Ani k chha ta haalkhabar?” When it should have been “So, what’s up with the food wastage issue?” “Now that School Day’s coming up, we ought to create a miracle.” In retrospect, I think that we were relaxed outside the meeting and were happy not to make it much of a scene.

And, we were very fond of Nepali time. Hence, usually the gaffe would turn into a flattering game. Just passing our time on and on. Then, at the other end of the corridor, SRK would run like he was gonna rescue his princess. Taking one step one at a time, the time would slow down and a full movie had been shot. “Rajat, probably heard my name?!”

I forgot, we had already started the meeting fifteen minutes ago. And then, Rajat would take his seat thereby commencing the meeting. “Sorry guys, I had to make sure that the School Day preparations were smoothly going on.” That was his indomitable spirit. Throughout the school, he was a house celebrity and probably the most busy person.

Before every meeting, Rajat usually sorted the issues that needed immediate attention in our circle. The discussion started and every prefect shared their opinions in that matter. Some were genuine, some were like nah, some were stupid and some, mostly from opposition party, were outright annoying to other members.

I belonged to the opposition party and was joined by Sawal and Bibek. When our friends nodded in every idea that was discussed, we felt that was insane since no one talked against the idea. And then, the discussions would heat up. We challenged every idea that was discussed and Bibek would share his insight critically. I loved to initiate the opposition party’s halla and was supported by my two friends. Sawal, on the other hand, attacked the issues discussed directly as some ideas, to his knowledge, lacked shape.

Most of the time, the meeting started with issues on food wastage. Now, whenever the meal time was over, most of the plates were filled with leftover foods and deemed food waste. And we were losing significant amount of money. We prefects wanted to nullify food wastage. There were talks of changing the food menu for some specific days like Tuesday and Friday (non-chicken days). Whenever there was a vote to claim the best menu, we were neutral and, most notably, Sawal. He was so infuriated when foods were criticized from his peers that he blamed it “on their taste buds than on the flavour of the school’s foods”. His dialogue was copyrighted and was repeated every time the issue of food wastage was raised.

The School Prefects' Meeting held the day before School Day 2012 was celebrated. Photo Source: Yadav Sapkota's facebook page

The School Prefects’ Meeting that was held the day before School Day 2012 was celebrated. Photo Source: Yadav Sapkota’s facebook page

Most of the time, the meetings were just a ritual and nothing more. There were useless gaffe being entertained and time just went by. As the frequency of the meetings rose, the gaffe made headlines to just waste our time. Sometimes, issues were saturated. When nothing new came up, we were involved in staring at each other and playing mind games, notably ‘Rock, Paper and Scissors’. Or make a fun of one of our friends. Or drink Mango Frooti.

Although most of the incidents here have been portrayed as fun filled, we were adamant to make the best of the meeting and came up with certain steps for implementation regarding certain issues. The designated house prefects would convey the conclusion that the meeting had reached. Teachers would be informed of any new developments and so on. Overall, the meeting was a success and it had to be. Else, I would not have spent my time in writing this piece.

School Prefect meetings were fun. No one would be serious from the start. We just listened to our peers and corrected if any those needed one. After sitting on the chair for two hours straight, we bid goodbye and appreciated for the time each one of us had devoted.

By the way, did I forget to tell you? We maybe conducting Prefects’ House Checkup this week…. Or was it that week we conducted this meeting, two years ago?


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