“Sarthak! Sarthak!” I yelled from the corner of the room as Satra went on a rampage destructing the thousand inventions that embellished the mansion of the popular scientist.

“Whyyyyyyyyyyy? Whyyyyyyy?” Sarthak cried endlessly as he was desperate to get answers from the friend who he had gone to ask for in the corridors of Gaurishankar house. The same friend who taught Sarthak the importance of getting serious at every tasks.

“Why you ask? How could you dare ask that question?” Sunil responded furiously as he became adamant to take control of the situation, “It shouldn’t bother ya guys a little bit. Whatever I am today, it’s all due to your invention of Mind control machine. You had guaranteed….”

“Enough with the crazy talks, Sunil!” I interrupted as I could not bear any more of the scenes unfolding right in front of my eyes.

“What do you know about the state I’m in, huh? All ya been caring about is that lousy girl that you had just seen and who got kidnapped immediately by that punk DK! You are a fool. Did you know that?” Sunil began to share the agony that he had long been left to suffer all these years.

“Stop calling her lousy!” I protested to my might despite being clung to the walls and tortured in broad daylight. Sarthak, on the other hand, was dragged ruthlessly as Sunil had carried him away to make him suffer when he initiated the destruction of Dumba’s Laboratory.

“Aaaarghhhhh….. Why? Why did you damage my property and put all the blames on my inventions?” Sarthak cried out. I laid down in cold heart crying as I searched for answers to the reason the blood gushed out of mine and Sarthak’s bodies.

Sarthak displays a fake smile in order to hide the agony that he faces with a friend who has lost his ethics

Sarthak displays a fake smile in order to hide the agony that he faces with a friend who has lost his ethics

“Why is he doing all this?” I thought, searching for clues to link with the situation.

“You guys wanna know my secret. Then listen. After I graduated, I came back to Nepal. I thought that my country had given me a lot and it was my time to contribute to its development. I had a hectic time. The common problems that I faced in the government offices to register my company left me dumbfounded as it forced me to slowly give up on my dreams. But I was audaciously keeping tracks on the progress that was taking place despite the issues. I thought that I had done enough. However, the problems worsened.

“Deep down, I knew that someone was behind this. I started the investigation myself. I had no one left to rely on.

There’s a lot of mafia activity going on in the government. And the most surprising thing: one of our own men was in control of all these activities.

“But I didn’t know who it was. Then, your Mind Control Machine made news headlines and I thought that this was the only chance. My only chance to be face to face with the culprit. I purchased and started the session immediately.

“At the beginning, I felt that my mind was to its full potential. I gathered a lot of crucial information. Then right when I neared my target, the side effects appeared. And I have gone mad ever since. Ha ha haaa haaaaa.”

(Coldplay’s Life in Technicolour playing…)

“Hey, who’s this?” Sunil picked up his phone.

“Just finish off the business, you idiot,” the person in the phone directed.

“Ok,” Sunil paused for a moment, “Let’s move, you fools.”

* * *

“So, who wants to die first?” Sunil laughed with his gun loaded, as he took us to the edge of the Chilime hill.

“Sarthak, you stay back. This is my fight,” I bid farewell to the most genius man I’ve ever met, “Sayonara!”

“Just shoot it, you filthy soul!” I yelled at the masked man.


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