And there goes a post that is tagged 50th! Phew. When I started writing blog posts, it was to make the best of my leisure time that I had after taking a gap year from my studies. I had no other intentions. It all changed when I was volunteering at Nepal Mother Foundation, wherein I met Sagar dai, the organization’s co-founder. I had met Sagar dai in a workshop that I had attended four years ago and it was my second meeting with him. Now, the thing is, with little acts of volunteering, I had less to gain experience from. But, voila, I was enthralled at the way Sagar dai’s personal blog was receiving views from all over the world. And it made me think, “Maybe I could do the same, but in an amusing way.”
The rest is history. I have reached a fiftieth post milestone, a feat that I never thought would reach. Because for me, most of my viewers are limited to people who know me from my Alma mater and my families. Maybe it is the reason why, to garner more audience, I experiment some of the topics to suit the needs of Budhanilkantha School memories for they tend to increase the blog views on my website. For example, my recent post titled “This is why you miss BNKS!” garnered more than 200 views as compared to other posts which haven’t managed to hit even the fifty mark.
I am exultant and motivated than ever because writing continuously requires motivation and love that readers such as you have continuously shared by taking a fraction of your Facebook browsing time to read a budding blogger’s post. The overwhelming pageviews that I receive from regular readers, and pertaining to geographical regions around the world shape the way I present my blogs. The amount of likes and comments that you post in Facebook further strengthens the credibility that my blog has established in your social circle. I am delighted with the way you guys have treated my blog so far and I request you to continue bookmarking my blog’s website on your browser.
A snapshot of my blog: Thanks for the 4933 views and counting!
With this feat, I hereby announce that there will, at least, be two blog posts per week and the frequency will increase depending on the pageviews that each one receives. 
Once again, I would like to thank, from the core of my heart, for all the deeds that you guys have done in my journey so far, and I wish to be blessed with more support in the days to come. Just a request though. Kindly share your experiences in reading my blog’s articles and suggest, if any, improvements or feedbacks that I would love to enjoy reading and implementing at the same time. It doesn’t have to sound flattering! Feel free just like these guys have done. Happy reading (and commenting right in this website, but not limited to my Facebook status only).
While I was writing this, on the TV, a Downtown Abbey commercial was going on. And the voice over read “Stunning”, “Addictive” among many such short, concise words, and I had a feeling to follow the same method and note down words like “Innovative”, “Creative” and “Intelligent”, and let it be. But Manasbi calls that vague and I seriously cannot imagine why.

When Manasbi first talked about blog-writing, my imagination couldn’t walk past sports and books. Knowing him, all I could think of as topics or themes for him were Arsenal FC, football and Dan Brown. And he has constantly surprised from the moment he sent me the link to his first blog post. Even today when he said he wanted a celebratory 50th post, I was surprised (I hadn’t thought I’d live to see the day).

The language may not be the best you’ll ever encounter but the writing sure is. Simple day to day topics and themes that give an insight into a Nepali life. And he never runs out of ideas. I still remember him telling me that he would dedicate his blog to writing non-fictional accounts but as you can see he is now breaking the barrier. He has already started a serialization of his very own crime thriller (I hope it’s a crime thriller; it does seem like one, judging by the looks).

Anyways, reading Gunning… is like living a typical Nepal life in the shoes of a teenager desperate to make his contribution to the society. In the most personal of topics such as tidiness and entropy or perhaps even his high school days, readers can find a space to relate to, and Manasbi manages that quite impressively. Notwithstanding the few technical errors along the way (which is by the way very common among anyone who wishes to write), I can actually believe that Gunning… could go a long way. Issues that I’d like to see now: Arts. More travel. And feature writings that show your research. 

So, in the end, no matter how ‘vague’ it may seem, I’ll try to be concise as I can:

“Impressively expressive”
“Well-crafted and planned”
“Despite minor glitches, full of brilliant promise”
“Intelligent… will make you wonder a lot many things about Nepal”

                                                                                                           -Ashish Dhakal Upadhyay

I love your posts in general because you write about things you are truly passionate about. Your interests and concerns for those topics reflect in your writing. And that makes me enjoy more. It feels like Im getting to know the thought process of a living, moving, thoughtful teenager. If I had to pick one post, it would be the entropy one where you wrote about how you dislike misplaced stuffs and you like everything being in order, in your control. Your range of posts is already very impressive. But you might start stepping into new zones. Why do you think Nepal is lagging behind? Or current politics in Nepal? Why people should visit Pokhara? If they do, what do you highly recommend doing? Basically anything except football will be entertained by me.

                                                                                                                                -Rajnish Yadav

Your blog is interesting and slick , it can gravitate readers with creative digests.

                                                                                                                                -Sarthak Mishra 

As a follower of your blog, one of the best articles was about the Black Gate diaries because it really connected with my experience. I can tell what else goes on there and can literally visualize everything that you have written. Your blog has also acted as my source of inspiration after you posted “Be a sports fan” because it inspired me to start my own blog. I wished I could write on similar things as you did, but I went on a different approach.

                                                                                                                           -Animesh Kunwar 

Nice work indeed Manasbi.. Over time you have developed the art of writing flawlessly.. Keep going bro..!! I look forward to more and more posts from you..

                                                                                                                          -Sajal Mani Dhital

I thoroughly enjoyed the posts that relates directly to my real life and you seem to have done an incredible job to really encapsulate the nostalgia associated with BNKS. I wished that I had got the opportunity to study there right from a small age. Also, one of the posts that you had published right after I came back from the USA really moved me as it talked about the priceless experience of being a Nepali. In addition, your posts tend to cover a wide demography. And, as a final note, the posts seem to be different and impressive every single time.

                                                                                                                                  -Sandhya Giri

I have not gone through all fifty of your blog entries but for the ones that I have been fortunate to peruse through, I can say the quality was good bordering on very good. From skimming through the titles, you have discussed topics that are pretty much diverse, ranging from club loyalty to national politics, which, if I am correct to assume, resonate well with people of our age. I must commend your dedication to writing so many and about so much, congratulations on your golden jubilee! As for my best blog or rather blogs, it would be your writing about BNKS, perhaps motivated by Alma mater love or simply memories. I really do like the things about missing school, what we did in school years, even the story! For the story, to be honest I thought the prologue lacked what I would call personal touch but you made up for that by the second entry(I thought it was great, gaining moment!). Again, well done on coming so far, keep up your writing!

                                                                                                                      -Dikendra Jung Karki

I have been a great fan of your blog since its first publication. I find your writing so well crafted, the words so meticulously employed that at a point I too got inspired to write a blog of my own. You have always been such a hardworker and your effort and determination is undoubtedly reflected in your writing. You show symptoms of a strong prolific writer who can pen down issues ranging from sports to life experiences. Keep gunning, Manasbi. I am expecting to be thrilled by many other exciting articles and your unique perspectives.

                                                                                                                     -Sunil Lamichhane

Your blog is damn good. The articles on BNKS nostalgia and Federer are some of the articles that I have bookmarked. As for the ones associated to football, it would have been more interesting to read if you were a Liverpool fan (laughs) ! I would definitely want you to pen a post on our Rara 2 days in BNKS.

                                                                                                             -Rashik Bhattarai

I really like the fun part of your blogs (even the whole design of your blog page, from the main title to subtitles) – makes me want to read more. 

                                                                                                                           -Chandra Bhandari

 “अन्त्यमा सबैजनालाई मुरीमुरी धन्यवाद छ अहिलेसम्म मेरो ब्लग दिनहुँ आफ्नो केहि अमुल्य समय छुट्याई पढिदिएकोमा। यस्तै हौसला आगामी दिनहरुमा पनि दिनुहुन्छ भन्ने आशा छ।”

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