16th December, 2014
                                                                                                                         A Day Difficult To Forget
Dear Titi,
       Greetings from your die hard fan from Nepal. I have been waiting to write an open letter for you since ten months ago but, as my instincts told me then, the time hadn’t been right. Even right now, I feel dejected to cherish the great memories your footballing career left behind that I had ever wished for. 
       I made a connection with you when all my brother ever did was revere your name and Arsenal around my home, and coincidentally, magic happened. I have to confess that I became addicted to the beautiful game that Arsenal played not just because the beautiful passes were blessed from thy heaven, but also due to the very fact that you made the game itself look easy and convincing to my passionate, yet amateur eyes. The swift body movements, the flawless dribbling, the endless tricks up in your sleeves to fool the defenders, the gracious footballing skills and the beauty that manifested when you directed the football past the goalkeeper were all the defining traits to lure me more into the game and the club you worshiped. I am eternally grateful to have witnessed you as my first footballing idol. 
       The first reaction that I had when I heard your retirement announcement was frightening. I had to check my twitter and facebook accounts, and scroll the Home of Football’s website to substantiate the rumors surrounding my ears. I guess that was what being a die-hard fan really, really meant. The fear that your idol would no longer grace the football pitch is tantamount to receiving tons of mental torture and it really crippled all my senses for as long as I can remember. I had never suffered the inevitable of parting with the one of the few persons that really mattered in my life. In this regard, I had a question to ask you- Shouldn’t you have kept your retirement plans a secret and just take the job offer at Sky Sports instead of tormenting your fans with emotional breakouts? 
My Thierry Henry memories intact!
       The times that I spent desperate to catch a glimpse of your majestic connection with the football whenever I sat in front of TV or the passionate Weekend nights commentary that aired from the BBC World Service, I wished that only you be viewed and only your name be echoed. Such was my henrymaniac that I would literally break all the school rules pertaining to watching Arsenal and You play the beautiful game of football. Day in, day out, I would worship you and even imitate the adjectives that Martin Tyler and Andy Gray would fit you. WHAT A GOAL FROM HENRY; THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT; THERE’S ONLY ONE MAN WHOM YOU CALL WHEN ALL SEEMS TO HAVE LOST, AND THAT’S HENRY; PERFECT; WHAT A SENSATIONAL GOAL THAT HENRY HAS SCORED; ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC; OH MY GOODNESS! and the list goes on! 
       Sometimes, I even picked up fights when my rivals pronounced your name in the most disrespectful way possible. I had to remind them that it was pronounced UNRY and not otherwise. The debate still sparks unrest when I confront these hooligans. 
      Ever since your retirement was announced, I had the privilege to view as many videos as possible just to keep intact of all the memories that you provided. The blessed goals, the carefully crafted assists, the joyous celebrations, the controversial celebrations, the anger that you directed at the opponent, the funny interviews and all the emotions associated to your footballing career. I would try my best to imitate your gesture when I took a freekick/penalty and when I scored a goal I would slide across to my opponent’s place and taunt them like you did against Sp*rs.
    I had a great deal to learn from my best documentary collection about you from Arsenal Media “Thierry Henry: Arsenal Legends“. It bored a resemblance on why I hated Tottenham and Liverpool right from when I became an Arsenal fan. As you cited, I also blame Wayne Rooney for ending our Invincibility in the most disgusting fashion. I often watch the documentary to get an insight into your minds and feel more like Henry myself, though I can never try to emulate your greatness.
      Henry, I am happy that your legacy will never be just legends because we will let your stories pass on to our next generations and even forty years from now, there will not be a time when I shall forget about you. Not even Alzheimer’s disease can prevent me from forgetting you. Just so you know, my DNA has engraved your name and Arsenal into it and it will never betray the bond that exists between us.
        Once again, I wish you a happy retirement life and when I find an opportunity to visit London. I will make sure to take a groupie with you in front of the Home of Football! Once Henry, Always Henry!
Manasbi ‘Daniel’ Parajuli,
Die-Hardest Gunner and Henrymaniac.

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