In Sanskrit, the oldest language in the world, taka means money. And in our life, it is a mandatory ticket to everything we do in our lives. It is something we value to meet our lives’ expectations. Or it can be considered as the burdening factor to all the negative images we get of the society, theft, murder and arson, for example. But I am more concerned about the fact that it is just not only about following our dreams that only counts. If we were to dig deeper into reality, we would be startled to discover the strong connection that money has with our ambitions. 
Let’s say that you have an innate passion to help the people around you, especially the unfortunate ones. You have a dream to build schools and libraries for the children in rural societies. Or you make up your mind to grant a society access to electricity by constructing a hydropower plant. In any case, it is necessary to estimate the cost and get ready with it to turn the dream into reality. It is just one of the many examples concerning what money has to offer to make our wishes come true. 
Money: the root of all problems or the solution to all problems? (image courtesy: http://www.globalresearch.ca)
Money rules our lives. It is as simple as that. The extent of its influence is another story to deal with. Some may be inspired to donate a large amount of their money to construct something tangible and beneficial to the communities like temples and schools. Most may think about investing the earnings to buy stocks or real estates. While some may be forced to indulge in robbery and terrorism to compensate the paucity of money that is making their lives miserable. Whatever the case, it is money that tops necessities charts.
Few may argue that whatever I am talking about is utter nonsense. It is possible to live without entirely depending on money to turning dreams into realities. They may claim that selfless service does not require money. But I bet that most of the dreams they crave has not seen the light at the end of the tunnel just because lack of money blocked their path. 
I know the hazardous possibility that focusing too much in earning money can have to our lives. But it is irrelevant to not to accept the above mentioned fact. Most of the success stories that we hear were only possible through money. Money made possible to let them receive education, it granted them access to opening a business or it got them all the amenities required to brag the lives they were living. 
Yeah, hard work pays for your efforts. It eases the burden in your family by providing you money. In other words, it rescues you. Had it not been possible, you would be left to search for alternatives to carry on with your dreams. 
Perhaps, it is not just to think about making dreams. Resources are another aspect of our dreams. Without them, it is in vain to think about what we want in our lives. That is why for the most part of our lives, we push ourselves to earn more money and get a step closer to fulfill all the adventures enlisted on our bucket list. We people do not give up our dreams just because money proved a barrier to our ambitions, don’t we? Still, it is beautiful to consider what money can do with our dreams, either we like it or not. It is just another unsolvable variable we have to pay attention to if we are to move on.

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