Guess what! The Australian Open is going on in the Kangarooland! Lawn tennis has revived from the dead following its death one month ago. The zombies have then walked to the Rod Laver Arena and started their quest to the silverware. The Australian Grand Slam is the opening grand slam of the calendar year and is full of blood to feast upon. Players who survive the test have a higher success rate throughout the season. That is why nothing is drawing more headlines than the speculations surrounding the legend RF. 
Yeah, you heard it right there. The tennis world didn’t have many stories to talk about. Well, they always come with some cacophonous news. It is common to hear about players retiring from their professional career as they cross 35. But, it is not a surprise when we hear players retiring from the main arena after 30 in lawn tennis. The sport is largely a matter of personal strength and stamina. At 32, it is not baffling to hear Roggie weaving his retirement plans.

Roger Federer in action in the 2nd round of the Australian Open 2014 courtesy: http://www.australianopen.org

 2013 did not bring enough success for this maestro. Newspapers grabbed headlines claiming that the hero had lost his finesse. It must be the reason why RF doesn’t want to fall into the gossips surrounding him since the news is fabricated in the worst possible way. 
Federer has to prove his opponents that he is still the-man-to-fear. He has to boost his performances to give his fans a dejá vu. He has to deliver world class performances and regain the spots in the front covers of newspapers.
I remember watching Roger play in the Basel Indoors Open back in November. Martin Del Potro grabbed the spotlight by leading Roger as the match progressed. At last, Federer’s fighting spirit was no match to Potro’s muscular strength. I was surprised at the result. Del Potro had beaten the same home grown folk who was a ball boy in the Basel Open in his childhood.

Roger Federer in the BNP Paribas Open Paris in 2012

In an instant, the home fans awarded the warmest celebration he had ever received. It was a sight that Roger and his fans (including me!) would never forget in their life. Federer’s joy surpassed his other greatest achievements. After Roger was requested to deliver a speech, the fans gave him a standing ovation continuously for an astonishing ten minutes. The ovation pierced through the hearts of millions of viewers as well. I viewed it as an unparalleled legacy that RF had stamped in the tennis world. 
After the Basel Open, Federer once again met Del Potro in the final round of the group stages in BNP Paris Masters. Federer had to win it in order to advance to the final London Masters. The match was continuously evoking emotions in both players. Just a week ago, the loss to Potro was fresh in Roger’s mind. After few hours, Federer delivered his scintillating performance and won the match. It proved to be a major boost to return to his golden days and easily compete with younger players like Nadal, Djokovic and Murray. 
As I write this, Federer has already qualified for the fourth round. I feel that this time he is gonna make to the Australian Open final. I sense the same Federer who is at his very best. The same top quality back hand and forehand services is gonna find its place in the sport. This year, he is gonna reclaim his golden days and I am sure he has the same thought swirling in his mind. 
He has only one message to the world: “I am back and 2014 will surprise you!”


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