The first time that the subject of human networking intrigued me was when I was in class nine. One of my teachers always mentioned a close friend in any field that he was talking about. Somehow, it occurred to me that a person could have so many personal links in banks, journalism, music and so on. He always pacified our requests regarding the paucity of expert people needed for the club programs. Often, we asked if he knew someone in a particular field, and as far as I rely on my acute memory, he easily shared the contact and bravo, it was job done for us!
I have since viewed human networking as my top priority. After all, sometimes we just have to rely on others’ experiences to work in our favor. Pardon me if I am changing to the subject of bribery, if that is what you are thinking about. But I am not. Sometimes when you have no one to rely on for your assignments, a call or two to your seniors could be a boost to your completion of works. Imagine being baffled by a rigorous question on calculus and not even your elite friends knew its answer. The only option left would be to ask your seniors to shed some light on the matter. Answers would then begin to make sense. 
The bright side of human networking.
Sometimes, I feel that human networking has lost its charm owing to the supremacy that social networking sites have established. But somehow, they are minimizing the problem we faced to contact our friends through our phones. A status that echoes the opinions of our peers is close enough to heighten human networking.
But, time and again, we fail to establish connections with people who can play an important role in our works. We forget to contact families and friends who can provide constructive advices. We have people in our facebook and twitter accounts and not to mention, their numbers are saved in our phones. But we seldom ask them for help and instead try to do the work in our own ways. 
We should not hesitate to ask what other people think about our ideas and visions. Surely, some advice would polish the details and success would follow. We may have to google about some topics but trust me, it may be full of discrepancies and land us in trouble. It is advisable to ask for details from the person who has already gained enough experience in the subject matter. 
My last piece of advice: Never take human relationships for granted. Establish as many connections with people around you and be thrilled at the immense joy that seeking advice could bring to your life.


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