No country runs without politics. It is the benchmark for the development of the country. Few people realize the role that politics play in our daily lives. Everything that we do is directly affected by politics and hence its importance should be well known for every junior school student.

But alas, such is the case in our country that we teach the kids in the junior classes that politics is bad and very bad enough to enter. Even I fell into this category. I was taught by my elders that there was no future in politics and the situation would continue to worsen. There was no hope.
I was shocked to even hear such a statement. The same people who taught me to never give up hope are teaching me the art of despair only to give up on my aspiration to create a better country. What more can I expect to learn from the generation who seem to have lost faith in the current political developments?
“So you think Politics is dirty enough to get your hands spoiled?”
It is not that I am unaware of the political impasse in our country. I am well educated about it. I make it my habit to read the front page political news in detail because it really kills my patience when I am not updated about the major rifts taking place in the country. The tug of war that our leaders have merrily played over the PM’s chair and the ego they share when one comes into power is ubiquitous. All they ever discuss in their meetings are ways to topple the current government. 
I know about these but can do nothing about it. 
Are you asking me why? Well, here is the reason. I was always led to believe that only illiterate people should enter politics and there is no career to make out for the erudite. It imprinted in my mind to take less care of the country’s woes. Even if I  wanted to, I just took it in and did not work towards solving it because my subconscious assured me that politicians were there to see to it. However, I was unknown that politics was dirty enough to cripple itself from cleaning the mess it had created. Or so I had been taught.
To these folks who only saw the released film and did not care to buy the DVD version to find out what it takes to master politics and the optimum role it has to make the people’s dreams come true, I sincerely salute them. 
I thank them as they have not only taught us to grow hatred towards politics but also set a conviction to be welcomed by the next generations. And they are the same people who think that youth should take charge of the politics. 
How can they know that entering politics will ruin our lives? How can they expect us to lead the country when they themselves have forbidden us to enter politics? By the way, how can they be so sure of the game that they can blindly call it dirty? It is absolutely outrageous.
The education that we acquired has already taken its shape. We don’t see any SLC distinction holders entering politics. They are only into doctors or engineers. As for the third division or failed candidates, their life has taken a U-turn after entering politics. They enjoy a free ride to the nooks and corners of the world but never bring any concrete plan to end the impasse in their country. They have a great life and luckily find themselves as the project manager who earns millions whereas his distinction holder friend is left to work in a less payable job. And you expect the country to just move on with it? Are you contempt with it?
Politics is not dirty. Only the people involved in it are. These are the same bunch of folks who never acquired a degree but boasted about a local college honoring them with a honorable degree on the occasion of College’s Annual School Day. 
And you can naturally call your apprentice to bid adieu to his childhood dream of becoming a politician. The reason is that easy to comprehend!
I guess, it still isn’t too late. It is time that we trade places with the old grandparent politician over the issue of leading the party. We sure can lead the party to great heights. 
Discuss over the issue to bring in new ideas to challenge the outdated yet revered thoughts that we have about leading the country. It is time to direct our level of enthusiasm for good. Time to bring in the scholars to politics and revolutionize the system. Time to make the change that we wished for so long. Time to respect politics and the time to cultivate the thoughts in young minds that politics is as clear as a polished diamond and the future is bright upon entering it. 
That is why politics should be respected. Encourage everyone to be a part of it. Let’s get more graduates into politics. Let us hope that everyone of us will want to make our brothers a respected politicians.

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