Yeah, yeah. I am well aware of the grammatical error. Just move on. I did it on purpose because I have been a part of the historic (well, only in that group) GAFFE group which met outside my Alma mater’s house.
The group was not very inspirational enough to attract some paparazzi although I have to say, it did bring on some cameos for the daily show. Not the cameos that we have on the TV but sort of idiots who thought spending a little time on the set would increase its viewer ratings (I am referring to changing the positive degree of gaffe to comparative degree and so on). Idiots.
The story began a looooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg, wait, it’s just a while back. 
Such was the soporific walk that we had right after lunch coming along the long way, remember my black gate article but only this time it was in the morning, that we felt we had to compensate for not getting the girls be our paparazzi. What would be a great way than to start a nonsense conversation that would spark interests from peers as similar to the case to be considered when a talented young player is scouted by many clubs for the next possible signing spree.
Told ya, I was not lying. By the way, That’s Neta who is standing.
We would discuss a couple of things, the time that it would take for Maximus (name changed) to walk the long way (he was a real inspiration for our establishment of MMT which we considered more accurate than GMT). The complex organic chemistry which made our complex brain even more complex. We were considered dexterous by many for our ability to Spin-a-yarn a story in a short period of time. Some hailed our wandering act as the best reality show than Oprah Winfrey’s or even match the achievement of Facebook to revolutionize the world. 
Before moving on, I would like to take some time highlighting the gaffers  we had in our golden era. There were Neta, Mini-Freud, Ultimate, N, Chewing gum, Wild and Turup (anonimity has been maintained as I would like to keep these people’s name secret). Cameos included the bird from miniclip’s ‘bug on a wire’, bhokante, martyr kapoor, and the one and only naake (btw, you know this one, right: the one popularly known as Pinocchio). In addition, directors worked without stuntmen who worked without actors who worked without a script (I hope I am not confusing you guys!). There were not any actresses for god’s sake. 
As we basked under the sun, gaffe sometimes, well it was MOST of the time, ended on deciding what we would do for a wealthy career ahead. Sometimes, the Neta would act hopeless (luckily, he never landed a role in our School Plays) saying that he could not live on with his life and that God was not playing a fair game. The main objective behind this lie was to lure others into giving up on their dreams so that the path will be straight for him and success would skyrocket on his behalf in his life.
Most of the time, we would talk only about ways to getting rich, and we meant it. We discussed on ways to increase our financial productivity by getting involved in bribing tourism officers to grant us amenities at their hotels, turning our peers to laborers when we opted for day treks or getting into politics so that chances to become a renowned one would increase our property value, I mean, getting rich. 
We went as far as experimenting the footsteps of the billion club. Get accepted to a college, drop-out after a year, start our own company, steal someone else’s idea and get rich. Turns out, it was not easy to do as it previously seemed (just an exaggeration that I learned in my high school after all we have not even tried it let alone bring up the getting-rich-easily scheme in our lives). 
Sometimes, Chewing gum would come up with an idea to start a business and Jobless would mock at his idea (I mocked at it too, but mine was 99% compared to Jobless’s 100%). Shortly thereafter, mini-Freud would speak out from nowhere calling the idea as his own. I am sure he will be the first from our batch to register a patent to his name (he had one idea patented back in February but more on that after few months’ time).
In order to make the lunch session less monotonous, N would crack a joke and no one would laugh for an instant, thereby inviting praise for his act. He went on to explain the reason to burst out laughing (he was laughing at himself in trying to make us understand). But alas, there was no hope. Hence, as responsible friends, we would pretend to just laugh. Sadly, it would just dishearten him (but we sort of did not care about it).
Out of nowhere, a bird would come flying from the south. It appeared that this was his stop to make his way to the north. He had nothing to do except extol ideas presented by Ultimate like buying a huge chunk of land in a less productive city or kicking the corrupt politicians out of the parliament and getting himself in (sorry, should have been The Ultimate). Literally, he was Chuck Norris and Rajnikanth in one single flavor.
The other cameo, Bee-bash, would yell at us from his room.which stood right outside our venue making him our arch rivals. He would shower few words of discouragement and appear as if he disappeared from a magician’s hat. Unfortunately, the magician had directed him to our venue intensifying the tug-of-words.
But, it was the cameo of two renowned arch rivals, Naake and Catman who fought in the  battle of the best superhero. The situation looked as if it was a battle between the Khans and the Kapoors. The battle created a rift among them which to this day has been continued. And I am thinking to release the next battle as a film (anyone willing  to be the producer??).
The question was a bit, you know, like….
Now, you tell me who is the best superhero: BATMAN or Fe-man?
My take: BATMAN!


  1. this is a fair piece, i should say, which wouldn't have really mattered your reputation as a budding writer had you chosen not to include this into your blog. the setting of a film script or a film city for that matter is totally bland and out of context, which only proves to be one more broken part of a plain machine that your essay is.
    although you have retained your serious persona, thinking about future and all that grown up stuff, which does contradict with the overlying coating of humor, it does not travel much. one moment its there, oh yes i can see it. i blink, its gone, and i don't mind. action happens, bird comes out of nowhere and disappears, no point whatsoever.
    the pseudonyms used and the labor to have them explained only makes it more tedious. your sorry nostalgia hangs insecure over a bunch of hungry crocodiles in between in the attempts to be funny while at the same time remain serious. and as for the ending- i m sorry, i don't see how Batman could have possibly made an entrance that is worthwhile. and that includes your take too. c'mon, seriously?

  2. I appreciate your time devoted in writing such a long yet meaningful feedback. I really do. Regarding the piece, I also find that I have not given my best into the article and have too many flaws in it. Next time, I will take your word and try to get back into the good pieces that I had previously delivered. As for the ending, the scenario was real and being a Batman fan, i thought this could be a better place than other ones to seriously publicize my best comic character. Anyways, thank you. Also, you have set an example for others to follow in the sense that they should too include feedback and not only deliver compliments.

  3. Manasbi, I will be honest, I did enjoy it reading. However, one of my key concern would be the fact that you are assuming your readers to be a part of your circle, which in a way is not the situation. In addition, I do appreciate your concern for anonymity but however, being too concerned for it at times tend to make the idea anonymous too in the first go, which then makes the reader feel like “am I really getting it?”.
    On the whole, it's a really great way of creation. Keep it up!

  4. Firstly, I am glad to have viewed your comment very positively as there seems to be issues which kinda have to be addressed soon. On the other hand, honestly this article was written on purpose to check one of my assumption on the readers which turned out excellent. And about the post directed to my circles, I do understand the issue but it just kinda has to happen when you are an amateur blogger. You just hope to get feedback from your peers and improve it day and night until you have the moment “That's it!”.
    Once again, I thank you for your opinion and am hoping to see more from you commenting on my pieces and sharing similar opinions. I really hope…

  5. apoh rude of you fighting ba ba pinaiisyo the letter you wrote what kantyang jan is all written dimunaman totoodiba ie if you have not seen and witnessed in everyday there are many things that you want from maesulat for me the storyThe story he would provide a clue to me so do the things you serain today senu letter because no one can take his opentions kaht anyone but I just want to be a ilagy isikp yes the pen has ink right ??? What she values ​​so many empty pen ?? parasakinhe pen is today because of him I have included kakasulat me and because of him I wrote about things I should have esulat gananp his story is fascinating for me that i should judge Nayan letter because no one can afford to do so Others ?????? hate those who love to laugh stormy dinaman should laugh right ?? eh letter n tgbao point pwd rin you take your life and esama half story if anyone in the letter do not be angry Nayan ???? dhil me so angry I joke I joke ????? marunung

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