Whoa, whoa, whoa…Hang on a sec. I am guessing that the black gate that I am trying to talk about has already been misguided by your versatile experiences (seriously, it was your gateway to the outside world, remember?).
All the mischievous experiences you guys endured on non-chicken days are still fresh in your minds. The seemingly likable road race practice sessions that you felt when chased by the school’s security guards are still hovering around your subconscious. But, that is not where my talk is leading to.
Your first guess when I mentioned Black Gate, right?? Photo Courtesy: AnimeshKunwar
I am talking about the benign black gate that welcomes everyone to our Alma mater. Yup, you heard it right, folks. The Main Black Gate.
The reason I am bringing this stuff out of nowhere is that for my two years in high school, I did not ever give away the thought of touching the gate right after my supper. Never. Not even on non-chicken days. Of course, chicken day has to count!
Even for a fella who had a distaste in hanging out with his friend after the supper was over to walk through the school’s long gateway to his house, it was very surprising to never to distaste the route again. That, the fella is me was again a point to be considered ridiculous. I mean, I was like “seriously!”. Yeah, yeah, I understand what you are stuttering about. Anyways, let me get back to my story.
So, every time I finished my supper, it was mandatory for my soul to be physically available at the black gate. Evergreen tranquility ensured that no one disturbed my routine. But if you are so kind to count the cacophony that emitted from girls shrieking over the phone bragging how they fooled the duty teacher in wasting food, then yes I was disturbed. Hey, am I going out of the topic? Cause, if I am then, I am not sorry!
It was a ritual that I and my friend Bibash shared most of the time in our high school. That is why it occurred to us to imprint it in our memory and  on the day before we bid adieu to our Alma mater, there it was.
OK, I am sorry. Then, where was I? Yes, right after I made my way to the black gate, the panorama that I appreciated often came in alternative days. You guessed it right, folks. Congratulations. 
Normally, on chicken days, if I was lucky to devour my pieces fast, it would mean the path to freedom was free of obstacles. No chances of shrieking from the girls or the hooting that the boys directed at them. Nothing at all. The only people who gaffed with me were my pal and the security guards who always asked Babuharule khana khayou? Of which the ready made reply was Khaaaayooouuu dai!! A little too girlish, but anyways. 
After our mission was accomplished (yup, the background sound of Mission Impossible humming in my mind after the success…), we would take a glance at the clinic and see if  there were any pairs dating on our way to the house. Slowly and not steadily, we progressed to the dark road where light shone only in the day (I was lying. There was light but just on the day when the maintenance folks fixed the street lamp). Only after we passed the junior hallway would we see a huge audience following us. Well, not really. But, it just seemed. 
On non-chicken days, it did not matter if I ate fast or not. The situation was same. Dark alleyways. Winding roads. A separate gang of boys taking a notice at who passes their way. Girls taking their time to chat as much as possible since they will be excused from humor when they returned to their house. Security bros sitting on their usual seats gossiping about how time has passed so fast and blah, blah.. The only difference was that by the time you got there, you would not notice any interesting paparazzi. But, it did not really matter. Because that is what made my black gate tour a classy super duper special one.
Even on days when I had not any company to enjoy, I would somehow convince my nearby friend to help me in saving this rich culture (really?). And, you know, the rest is history. When we traveled in a group, we enjoyed the way we took the long and winding way. Walking slowly towards our gateway, we left no time go unnoticed by mocking the idiosyncrasies of the other group we encountered, girls included (oops, now that it is no longer clandestine, I don’t know what to expect from them: curses or compliments?). We even practiced hooliganism. Honestly, it was really pulsating but, socially it was a menace to the teaching staff who considered it vehement. Well, it is the dark side of our adolescence and we care to enjoy every little bit of it.
So then, that is what I have to say about my passionate visit to the black gate, and giving a punch to it as it is the legacy of my achievement, and some off track gaffe. But, I am still unaware of what made my mandatory black gate visit very special? Did you?
(Request: Check out AnimeshKunwar‘s blog and see more of his creations through his blog!)


  1. Manasbi, girls , too, enjoyed those walks to “Black gate” after supper. May be in a different way than you did. But they surely enjoyed it more than the silly chats they are famous for. I do remember those walks vividly. I wished we had longer distance to be covered to reach our house after supper. I wished I could forever and always do that. Anyways thanks for refreshing those memories. Really miss those days.

  2. Hey, that was what I thought must be going on in your friends' heads. It is just that I wanted to introduce humor through exaggeration and welcome any critics during the process. And about the walks that you so VIVIDLY remember, we all do, but I guess, it has a deeper meaning in your life. In addition, if you have enjoyed every adventure on the way back, there sure aren't any regrets that you should spend your time on.

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