Last time when I checked my inbox, I was surprised to find an unfamiliar question: Can you suggest some good blogs to read? Without any second thought, I quickly replied with ease to the sender suggesting him to be a sports fan to get the most out of the blogging world. Some may argue with my suggestion and deem ridiculous. But for me, I don’t care as long as it is the right thing to do and right thing it is. Now, what about those folks who are nowhere near the boundary to immersing into a sport? Well, at least they should follow one of these adventures if all of these aren’t possible.
Some of you might already have felt frustrated in your quest to understanding the point I am trying to convey. Let me tell you once again that being a sports fan is the best way to break the daily monotony of life. An avid sports fan knows how relieved he feels when his team displays a promising performance. He enjoys every bit of it as there aren’t days like these in his office. The excitement and vigor fuels him with cheerfulness and, to some extent, it becomes a tradition to brag to his peers. He even challenges his opposition to know about their clubs’ rich culture and makes them feel inferior in understanding their team. For the later part, he knows that there are no shortcuts than to search everything that his team holds or boasts of; but ultimately, he feels pleased to gather proof that he IS the team’s biggest fan and, in the process, pushes the KNOW YOUR TEAM BETTER to distant memory.
Where would you see such pose? Soap operas, in front of mirror?? NO, the only place is Sport!
Don’t get misled to follow soccer and cricket only when I mention you to be a sports fan. I know that most of you are familiar about these two but it is good to check other options as well. Why not to devote yourself to lawn tennis, formula one or even golf? Moreover, if you find yourself passionate about chess or scrabble, why not get accustomed to these indoor games and in the process, gather as much knowledge about them as possible? Just don’t play them, know what is happening in the global arena.
Look, the thing about NOT being a sports fan (I really detest folks who don’t fall into this category, seriously) is that they just don’t have as much joy to cherish as the sports fans do. After a long week of work, what do you have for the weekends to divert your attention to? Skipping, shopping or reading books?? Ok, I am not mocking these choices and I am ok with you guys to spend the day doing these naive things. What I don’t get is what have you planned for the evening for the rest of your lives? Sometimes, I feel that you people are stupid. Stupid in a sense that the weight of living is very heavy for you to live by.
People who aren’t sports fan are innocuous when a sports fan switches their soap-operas and tunes to a sports channel (believe me, it is one of those moments when all you have left to do is either stare at the screen dumbfounded or picture yourself learning Mandarin!). 
The best thing about being a sports fan is that you can increase your family circle. Wouldn’t you want to know more of the person who shares a common interest with you? For example, if someone likes Buttercup, I bet you will move a step further into asking more of his interests. The same is the case for a sports fan. Once you get to know that both of you like the same team, a bond grows and psychologically speaking, conversations start to flourish. To make it more clear, most of the followers that I have on twitter are Arsenal fans and we share our opinions continuously. It is like I have another family to share joys and frustration with. Also, the ones whom I follow are somehow related to the sports world. 
Back to the suggestion that I gave to my friend, I emphasized on it because most of the good writing that I have appreciated over the years have come from sports analysts or sports fans. Unlike other fields of writing, a sports article delivers you with awesome adjectives and convincing opinions. Moreover, the thirst for knowledge compels us to get hold of it. 
It is such a wonderful feeling to be a sports fan and spend your weekends watching the best from your players. Be it Roger Federer, Thierry Henry, Tiger Woods, Michael Schumacher or Adam Gilchrist, I have always tried to know about them by never missing their games or by going through what the media are talking about. 
Now that you have come so far, why not get involved in one of the sports? Just try to watch a full game and be a part of it for the rest of your life. It is that much easy. I am sure you will feel so much joy than the time when you felt after your exams were over. 
So what are you waiting for? Just tune in to a sports channel! Let the adventure begin! 
(PS: If you want to get suggestions on which sport you should follow, do so freely. This article is directed to folks who spend their time practicing soliloquy in front of the mirror. No kidding.)


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