Most of you will probably have some memories of shedding tears intermittently on the first day ever of your school life. The very thought of spending eight hours or more away from your parents for the first time was enough to send you in a state of misery as you tried to battle your fear of new faces. But why do such memories stay deep rooted in our subconscious? Why is it that everything we have done as part of our first time adventures haunt us very often than the daily incidents?
Sometimes, first times spent together are life long remembered.
All of us vividly remember the long stretches of lectures that we received from our elders when we failed for the first time in our tests. Some of us even cherish those first moments when we gave a damn to respecting the rules that were the very foundation of an institution. The common example would be the first visit to the restricted area of my alma mater BLACK GATE AREA. To put it straight, some things that were beyond our wildest imaginations tend to capture the essence of the naivety and make remembering subtle experiences worth time spent on. 
It seems that however hard we try to forget these moments, we just do not have the courage to do so. How can we forget our very first live football match of our favourite club? Certainly, we cannot. It is absolutely out of question. I believe, for some, these moments become an advantage to brag about to their peers. Wouldn’t you want to look loquacious when you move around your classroom yelling about your very first slap to your friend who is of the opposite sex? And after this incident, won’t you reminisce it when you find a similar case from your child some 15-20 years later? I bet you do!
There are times in our life when we feel nostalgic about; like the one when our best band visits our home town and we enjoy the energetic crowd cheering along with us. While few moments of first times take away the spotlight away from us and their scars get embedded in our emotions. One in particular would be our involvement in alcohol addiction as it sparks unrest in the family. The victim would not have time to realize that his innocence at the very first time of taking a glass of alcohol had cost his status in the society and the stakes are high as he fears being ostracized from his society.
Whatever the trauma our first time leads us to, the experience brings us fresh memories to ignite our excitement. It creates a link among us that is very crucial to our lives in the later part of our career. Our first times make the bond between the people directly involved in it very strong and reliable. We begin to discover and share other similar experiences in the days to come, and a trend suggests that we spend our time together with the person involved directly in our adventures more than with the others. 
Psychologically,our body pushes us to maintain the relationship status that we have been carefully knitting with our actions. We cannot live without their continued support in difficult times. Those first connections play an important role in the development of our relationships and assure us to seek hope in difficult times. That way, we have less time dedicated to worrying about the strong thread losing its lustre. These first moments also provide a glint of hope and happiness when there are none to look after.
Still, there are a lot of other reasons to debate about why some first moments stick at the back of our heads long after the incident while others don’t. The ephemeral happiness that we express is a consequence of arduous attempts that we have put into making it happen or the selfish desire to bring  a smile in someone’s face. Well, whatever the infinite reasons we may come across, it is necessary to build our list of first times very carefully and enjoy every bit of it as first times lose their charm when they become second. 
That’s why Make every first experience something to brag about for the rest of your lives…


  1. Amazing piece Manasbi… Well done..!! And i guess I have that something to brag about for the rest of my life… 🙂 haha… keep it up… keep going… best wishes.. 🙂

  2. I think I already know what you have that something to brag about! As for your compliments, I am overwhelmed with your analysis and it has also added the fuel to my writing desire. I appreciate if you could continue with your passion of providing feedbacks through comments as it really bolsters my vision to create a pièce de résistance.

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