This is the month when Macau celebrates its 60th Grand Prix in the Formula One calendar or better known as F1. Most of you may not even know about this breathtaking sport that has ruled the world since 1930s. As for the people who know at least something about this sport, even they don’t seem to be lured by the speed of the cars and the nail biting moments that it has delivered ever since. But my real appreciation goes to the folks who have followed every single story of F1.
I have been into F1 when my brother once again changed my cartoon channel to tune into Formula One race. Honestly, I had never heard about the lavish sport before. The closest that I had come so far was playing NFS in my PC and which is not even an F1 sport! So basically, it was another sport whose statistics I should now begin to weigh to search options into my dedication to the sport. Thankfully, in my era into the sport, the world was relishing the scintillating performances of the legendary Michael Schumacher. Although my brother did not reveal much about the sport, I consistently watched the races to try my luck at understanding the sport. And after watching how Schumi raced to the pole position in the qualifying races and ultimately the coveted races the next day helped me to cherish everything that the sport promised for this amateur viewer.
Told ya! Nothing gets interesting to watch the F1 crashes and cashes.
Over the next few years or so, I was very much into the sport and could clearly make others understand about the sport. After Schumi retired, I was a big fan of Kimi Raikonnen but these days, he is not so enthralling to make you addict to the game. Instead, it is 24 year old Sebastian Vettel who has won his 4th World F1 Championships this year becoming the youngest racer ever to do so. But the sad thing about conveying this stats is that most of you who are reading this do not truly understand the significance of this high-flying sport. 
Whenever I asked some of my friends about this sport, all they could say was that only the name was familiar to their ears but they were nowhere near to getting addicted to this lucrative sport. While for those who knew much about the working of the sport, they were not so enthusiastic to spend a whole two hours or so watching 70 laps around the same track. In other words, the sport was very boring. They considered spending their time watching the weekend films on their idiot box. What they did not know was that anything was possible in between these magical moments and which booked their headlines in the media the next day.
I honestly consider that to be the reason that the sport is clearly not getting as much attention as soccer. I guess this will serve as a statement to prove how cash-full this sport is: Fernando Alonso earns double of what Christiano Ronaldo earns in a week. 
See, what else can be so pulsating than to spare your time to the lavish sport. That is the reason for stating my catchy title because however rich and fast the sport is, there seems to be a barrier to luring audience into the sport. I promise you, just watch one full race. It will surely give you a heart attack with nail-biting encounters of an F1 car crashing into the other one and sometimes a blazing car in the middle of the circuit and deafening silence at the end of the race to decide which racer will take away your hearts. So just get addicted into the sport and chill out!

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