Just be straight in answering this question:How many times have you experienced an elder explaining that his time went so fast that he could not do something that was entrusted to him and suddenly you sense that you are dragged into his discussion as he sees you as the capable one since you are very young?

Most of us surely have gone through this stage at some point in our lives. Some of you may even realize that these are the exact conversations that you come across when you start blabbering to the kid who was busy watching cartoons on the tv. You call him and start caressing his hair and say, “Look, kid. All my life was a mess and I could do nothing to make my life productive. Also, I am withered like an old flower and have nothing much to offer. As a result, since you are so young, I can only think of your generation to be able to do what our generations haven’t done.” 
Hang on a sec, you are just over 30s or 40s and are already considering yourselves too old to do anything? This is not how you should be acting! Amidst these concerns, you tend to forget there is a whole life waiting for you to plant the seeds of success which will grow to inspire the next generations to follow in your footsteps. Then why should you pass on your passive involvements to the youngsters and spin lame excuses just to make them believe that the elders are nothing but a piece of trash? It is such a pity fact to explain to the youngsters. 
Sometimes, I even imagine these elders(the ones who gave us a political type promising speech) being called upon by their elders when they were young and who listened to the identical soporific lecture from the old people. I even search for responses they must have given to these dull advice. If they heard what their elders had to say, shouldn’t they start working on their prophecies and promise to fulfill it until their very last breath? Shouldn’t they seek for a way out to inspire the future generations and decide to end this flawed practice?
It is a shame that even though times have changed, you were unsuccessful in freeing from the aforementioned thoughts. You let these thoughts get passed through generations and did not care to think about changing the practice. You did not, for some brief time, dare to become an iconoclast for this noble cause.
By the way, I have a piece of news to lift the elders’ hearts! Turns out, medias of Nepal call 80s over political leaders as youths. On the news, they gladly mention that 84 year old Ram Giri, a youth leader,…and so on. Considering this as a standard to measure the age to define youth, it is sure to make your age of 40s a double youthful one! Then, what are you waiting for? Why the desolation sparkling up your face? You should not just sit idle and put blames on your senile body. I believe, there is still the youthful spirit that you once had to contribute to something in the society. Stand up to end the trite promises that you include in your lecture right in your generation. I believe that people like you can still inspire the buds not through your words but through the arduous works that you perform right in front of them. Don’t let your sons fool your grandsons by saying that they have become very old and their generations can do nothing. 
 I firmly believe that people like you who are retired from their jobs should continue living their lives as if it never did. This way, it gets integrated into the system and the next generations will continue to strive as an example of an indefatigable generation who always worked despite their old age instead of blaming on their worn out body for the lack of productivity. Who knows, in the near future, with this change in thought, the future generations will have turned our country into a first-world and maybe even give productive suggestions to the G8s!

PS: The young generations should not talk about their body being unable to work when we are old because it is a practice that really annoys the young lads and it wouldn’t be practiced by erudite fellas, isn’t it?



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