Month: October 2013


“Hey Dan, can you excuse me for a minute? I forgot to bring my The Dark Knight Rises ticket. It won’t take very long,” Stan requested me. Just when my most awaited film is few minutes away, I have to entertain his request just for his own sake. His annoying and unforgivable act of handicapping peers’ precious time makes me wonder how many of us just do the same thing over the pretense of some lame excuses.
Although we are generous to consider these people’s plea, it is insane for us to continue with our usual outlook on the scenario and persuade ourselves to move on. Bur, if we take a look at the daily similar cases, the total amount of time spent between approving the annoying request and the apology that we receive afterwards is not to be taken for granted. Imagine the number of works that we had put for some time later to do like standing on the queue for my show, washing the leftover utensils or pondering over ideas to create a perfect blog can instead be commenced, if not completed, with the amount of wasted time that we had dedicated for displaying our generosity. Even a waste of fifteen minutes a day can force us regret the decision that we gladly entertained.
It is superficial to ponder upon the significance of lost time when we encounter such situations. It is necessary to be rationally conscious about the way things are progressing in our life as this subtle step can make a tangible difference in our outlook of life. It also has a culminating effect in improving the efficiency of other daily activities.
But why is it that we can’t just get over the thought of not waiting for the person as it is for our own sake? Why don’t we have even a faint confidence that the person will allow us to carry on with what we had planned to achieve and will have no hard feelings if we reject the offer? For me, it appears that we have lost control over our senses and have the generous inducing parasite feeding on our consciousness to erase the necessary selfishness that I believe must have been activated at the very instant. We should not let others take away our fragments of life just because we don’t want to hurt their feelings.
Let me remind you: Have you ever thought if the reverse was also true? That the person requesting us to wait has weighed the compromises that we have to make if we allowed him to return as quickly as possible. Let us not forget to live our life in our own way. Do not worry about the selfishness that will take you over in declining to wait for him when instead generosity should have sprouted. 
It is not a thing to regret about for the compromise has been made for our own sake although we gave the other person ample amount of time to realize how his trite requests have a direct impact in our life management. That is the best piece of advice that I can give.
Enjoy your life living in your own way! You will have less regret to make that way.