If you are one of those Hindi soap opera addicts, well, you have come to the right place. But, if you are not, then the setting is very perfect. First of all, there are no issues to be discussed about the countless popular serials whose titles started with the letter K. It is believed that the director/producer Ekta Kapoor checked out some weirdo who suggested to start her project with initial letter K to ensure that Star Plus continuously received a huge viewers and to experience a skyrocketing profit. Back to my business, the challenge for these addicts is how they find themselves nagging about what other evil people have done to them or on the verge of doing so (which is the setting for most Hindi serials). 
Few years back ( I think a decade has passed!), I first joined this clandestine group as an innocent child who knew nothing about Gharwali Baharwali. All I ever did in front of the idiot box was to watch some computer graphics animating humans and hear  voices of animals who were fluent at human language (did somebody spell black magic on them so that humans could understand them better instead of just taming them??). Anyways, it soon established as a habit to watch alongside my mother (my source of inspiration, I suppose?) and learn the relation between daughter-in-law and the mother of her husband. 
Probably the most longest running serial in India
The only way that these serials ever became so catchy was when they came up with new strategies that promised to put their relations in an off-balance. Sooner or later, the plan fails and the rest of the family members come into action. They imagine all kind of cunning plots and finally settle on some reliable plots to put the blame on the daughter-in-law. The viewers are left to feel pity on the victim because it was sasu who tricked the other members so that her plan falls into perfect place. Then the story becomes lively. On the contrary, for viewers like me, we question if what they depict is the real scenario among all families. Sadly,  this is where the real problem starts.
My take on this case has been reflected by the Indian movie Golmaal 2 where the lead hero blames his wife for supecting his.every single moves. In the end, the wife pledges not to ever watch those serials again but her commitment turns ephemeral as the suspense where the serial left last night lures her into continuing with her daily dose. Anyways, it seems that a serial addict can go as far to suspecting every action of the person willing to sit alongside him in the bar, or a person who went to watch the latest movie with his friend, who in fact, is from the opposite sex. 
Many may argue with my point, but a psychological research into these patterns may help to reveal a harmful scenario. Can it be wise to infer the bad impacts inflicting upon the viewers who have developed a pessimistic view about the existing family relationship? For me, I have not experienced a family whose life resembles close to the one in any of the popular serials. Hence, on my part, I can assure that it indeed has a negative impact on the way we slowly have begun to analyze family relationships. Sometimes, I am even left to question these plots as they don’t seem genuine enough to occur in real life whatever troubles a family may be facing. 
I guess, for these reasons, I was adamant to watch English serials as they provided different stories with no saas, bahun aur saajis stuff. They were very genuine and even drove adrenaline into the bloodstream forcing us to be creative about the unpredictable plots. I began to get immersed in them and this new world compelled me to abandon the Indian serials (although I miss the idiosyncrasies that the villains deliver and the unique background sound that plays when they come up with sinister plans). Still, sometimes, I sneak at the contemporary serials in hope of witnessing some new developments. Honestly, they still portray the downfall-of-the-family incidents and one can only wish that its viewers do not fall prey to the unrealistic plots and instead they can be rational with their decisions. Until then, avoid these top 10 addictive serials that I have compiled and whose plots still remain fresh in my memory.
#3) PABITRA RISTA (It still airs! Check out your local listings for more details.)
#5) BALLIKA BADHU (This one airs as well!)

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