Lessons From A Fictional Character

Homo sapiens in this world try their best to perfect their skills. They do this to get noticed of their abilities and be appreciated in whatever way possible. But, the alarming concerns are the ways they pushed the reasons for their perfection. How far did they go to achieve what they had dreamt at first? What compelled them to break the limits set by ordinary humans? Although I may not be able to cover all truths about these questions, you may be surprised to discover bitter truths on why some people don’t care, in the process of attaining perfection, even if the general people question their insane but worthwhile methods. One of these extraordinary is a fictional character whom I owe a huge appreciation.
The timeline reaches the period of my soap opera addiction with Naruto.  In the episodes leading to the organization of semiannual Chhunin exam and the meeting between Naruto and Rock Lee, nothing seems more captivating than the way of Rock Lee’s Ninja Way. But the inspiration character is not Rock Lee although he is very near to him. It is his teacher Might Guy,who calls himself Konoha’s Mightiest (he believes in fueling with optimism in his overhyped YOUTH-full career) , that greatly influenced on how I should force going beyond the walls to introspect better. As the story unfolded to reveal the childhood of Guy Sensei and his journey so far, it kept me questioning my definition of hard work. His teachings to his disciple left me awestricken at his underlying principles of training. Guy Sensei compels his body to work beyond the ordinary. It is insane to admit that he acquires this by punishing himself with rigorous exercises or challenging his fierce rival Hatake Kakashi if he cannot accomplish what he aspired for.
For example, in one of the episodes, Guy challenges Kakashi for another round in their ‘Who’s The Fiercest Rival Competition’ (it has been going on since their childhood). Hesitant at first, Kakashi amuses Guy by opting for ‘rock paper scissor’ game. As expected, Guy is beaten. Guy, who promised to take 500 laps around Konoha ( the home of these characters) on handstand if he was beaten, lives up to his words. That scene was truly inspiring. Furthermore, if Guy touches the ground with his feet before the laps are done, he punishes himself by carrying out 2000 pushups without any hesitation and so on until the punishments are completed. It is amazing to watch what ingredients are crucial to his diligent attitude.
Guy knows the aloofness of the villagers when he would take laps around Knonoha. But he is the kind of man who detests pessimism and endures any obstacles, however futile they may seem, to move a step closer in mastering perfection. I believe that it is an attitude that most of us have forgotten. Although we know that it is necessary to work hard, we never bother to give it our best shot. We hesitate to learn the lesson from Guy for the outcome leaves us fatigued. We fail to fathom the deep influence it would have on our performance and only regret later to have followed the ‘Guy Sensei’s Way’. If we retrospect our actions, it is understandable that most of us do not reignite our passion of forcing ourselves to go beyond those restricted walls once we are lured by the satisfaction that brought us from all the efforts we thought were enough. Sadly, we were reluctant to push a little bit more.
The other lesson that propels me is his tenacity to stay youthful. Letting us to be possessed by the youthful spirits, he believes, allows us to challenge profound questions of our daily actions with ease. Thanks to its indefatigable nature, the zeal in accomplishing a burdensome task outclasses the stretches of tedium that we thought were part of the assigned task. Youth is a season of energy, optimism, maturity and a chance to showcase the purpose of our existence. There is no reason to question about youth being the best part of our life.

It is crazy to fall prey to the actions of a cartoon character but the realities that we all should perceive in common and must comprehend to push ourselves beyond our capacity. Guy Sensei’s path is the enlightenment to our search for perfection. It is the only reasonable attitude to rely upon for the stakes will be high if we let ourselves to be deceived by our understanding of hard work which is not perpetual to achieve what we desired the most.  

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