Pragmatic Learning

A year back, one of my friends was shocked when his brothers questioned on his use of course books’ knowledge in his daily life. They were in fact sharing a bitter truth of Nepal’s education system: students aren’t pragmatic enough to either implement their learnings in real life scenario or at least visualize using them in real life situations. I realized that it was a very harsh question and capable of demolishing one’s beliefs about the reason of their education.
Although you can criticize my judgement on this question, the implications that lie deep rooted in my mind has affected my conviction. I question myself: Do these classroom teachings play a pivotal role in leading me to where I want to stand in the future? Or should I spend on other areas that will prepare me to face real life situations like maintaining a genuine office etiquette or risks in real estate investment? It obviously seems philosophical but philosophy has no intervention in what I think.
The opposition may claim that the education that they have received hasn’t gone to waste. Their only reason is the satisfaction that they receive in knowing a little more of their world. Never in their life have they been questioned on the real role that academics has played to enhance their morale and bring them a step closer to realizing their dream. For example the students who claim to grasp a clear understanding of the formula for the pressure exerted  by the liquid on a container have never used it to measure the pressure exerted by the water at the bottom of the water tank in their home and in addition have not searched the significance of the result.
Does it then mean that these students have failed in their quest for the understanding of the real world? Obviously. Do I then consider myself a failure in academics? I hate to admit it, but yes. The answer then compelled me to overview the knowledge that I had been receiving. My finding: a regretted style of learning. Banal ways of letting my mind believe that all is well. A cul-de-sac path of a quest for understanding. Learning analogous to a butterfly incapable of rejoicing the fresh air and at the same time compelled to define its existence as transient. Learning where travelling Back to the Future is just a fantasy.

Can we go through these whole answers of regret but do nothing to improve the situation? Of course not. It is never too late to start a new beginning. Just be practical. Implement what you learn or at least motivate yourself to visualize your knowledge of surrounding and inspire others to follow your ideology. Understand the true quality of integrating academics into your daily life. Remember, the regrets are just a prologue to your life. You are the writer, write it carefully. Define a perfect you and make your education a worthwhile investment. Commence Chapter 1: An Insight into The Application of Course Materials in Real Situations. 

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